Wed Jul 26, 2017 05:55

Emmett’s startled response made Rose snort in amusement. He was really absorbed in - Rose glanced over at Russell, Holland, and Ruben - whatever that was. It didn’t exactly surprise her. With all the transfers they had gotten over the past two years, Emmett hadn’t been a particular fan of any of them to her knowledge. Rose knew that in particular Russell rubbed him the wrong way (why she had been surprised to see the two younger boys talking) and although it had never been verbally confirmed with her, the Aquila was pretty sure Emmett also disliked Ruben. Rose herself had no problem with Ruben, awkward maybe-feelings aside, but given that the first thing her housemate had done upon arriving had been to go after Holland, Rose could understand why Emmett would have a problem with him. Even when Emmett had been dating Marissa, he had followed Holland around like a puppy on the regular.

In Rose’s professional opinion, it was only a matter of time before they saw Emmett actually step it up and admit an interest in Holland. Or at least, if he had the guts to. Which Rose actually wasn’t sure about.

“Yes, completely of his own free will,” Rose drawled, keeping her own hazel eyes on the situation at hand. It looked like Russell was rapidly word vomiting. She took her attention away from the scene and examined Emmett. “I’m sure you had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

The sixth year examined the nails on her left hand. She needed to cut them. Rose wasn’t a fan of long nails because they got in the way of her actually doing things. She had never experienced a broken nail and had absolutely no inclination to do so; given the amount of physical activity she dedicated her time to, long nails were just an invitation for that sort of thing. It was one of the other reasons why nail polish wasn’t an interest of hers. It would inevitably chip and look terrible - too much maintenance. Rose was barely dedicated enough to her appearance to apply makeup most days. Her fabulous wardrobe was mostly due to a fashion sense cultivated with Marissa over the past five years, especially after they had gained Pearl Street access in their third year and were able to go thrift shopping regularly.

“So what inspired that?” Rose tipped her chin in the direction of Russell, Ruben, and Holland. “Suddenly making friends?”

  • Slide all you want, friend. - Emmett, Mon Jul 24 18:09
    Wait, what? Holy crap, Russell was doing it. This was gonna happen. Emmet could hardly believe his eyes as the Cetus less-than-gracefully approached Holland and Ruben. This was it. Oh my God. But... more
    • Slip-n-Slide! - Rose, Wed Jul 26 05:55
      • Emmett snickered at Rose’s sarcastic affirmation of his not-a-lie. “I may have made a suggestion,” he confessed light-heartedly. “I didn’t think he’d actually do it . Can’t say I’m too heartbroken... more
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