I have several
Thu Jul 27, 2017 22:09

“Okay, well, we have to go to Pearl Street,” Kaye decided. She loved it there. It probably was Kaye’s favorite part of Rocky Mountain International. There was food and pick pocketing challenges and fresh air. Mave said something about it seeming busy, which Kaye shrugged off with a wink. “It’s only busy if you go at, like, normal times. We’ll skip Potions. It’s not too crowded then, and Rob doesn’t care if you miss class. I’m not sure he notices.”

Kaye thought about it some more. “Yeah, that’s a perfect plan. We can get some coffee at Snooze – or non-coffee, they also have that,” she looked forward to getting a fake I.D. at some point to try their more interesting drinks, “There are tons of clothing and makeup places. We could wander and end up getting ice cream. My favorite ice cream place is run by wizards and is delicious. They change out flavors all the time, so there’s always something new. I found it with Ruben,” she nodded towards the pants-less Aquila, “last term.”

Kaye noticed Mave looking around, which gave her a moment to look around, too. Marissa and Danny were being extremely - ugh, my eyes. She wasn’t going to be able to scrub her eyes enough to get the image of Danny’s shirtless body out of her head any time soon, but it did lead her to notice his rather fancy smoking jacket on the floor. If Marissa kept him distracted, she’d be able to snatch that on her way out of the party. It’d be super easy. The lack of challenge made it seem… well, not worth it. She’d wait and see how she felt by the party’s end.

Everything else seemed pretty normal. Russell was flailing for some reason, there seemed to be tension between Holland and Ruben, Emmett was now talking to Rose, and she was starting to get a little bored. Also, she was tired of standing. She felt a little achy, which she attributed to the heels she’d worn all day, and glanced around. “Hey, everyone else seems to be partnered off and comfortable. Cool if we sit for a minute?”

  • Any suggestions? - Maverick, Sun Jul 23 22:43
    Oh, so Kaye was a transfer too. Mave wouldn’t have suspected that. So far, she seemed to him to both fit in and stand out in a way that someone only could at a hodgepodge-y school like this one. RMI... more
    • I have several - Kaye, Thu Jul 27 22:09
      • Choose one and elaborate. - Maverick, Sat Aug 5 19:18
        “Sure, sounds good,” Mave agreed. He wasn’t particularly opposed to playing hooky even if the professor were more attentive to attendance. After all, what were they going to do about it, kick him out ... more
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