Emmett Lawrence
Not late enough.
Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:31

For the most part, the evening hadn’t been too terrible. Besides the lingering feeling that Holland was going to be annoyed with him, things were generally going okay. Snacks were a pleasant distraction from that, as well a distraction from the increasing heat he felt underneath the onesie, out of which he had yet to go change. He had consumed quite a bit of snacks, possibly more than would be a fair share, but he doubted Marissa would care or even notice.

It was starting to get late, though, and he was about ready to go back to his room at the very least to change into something he could actually sleep in, but Holland evidently finally had a moment where they were alone and he was alone, and so at last, he was caught. “Hey, we need to talk.” For a moment, a wave of panic crashed through him. Was Holland friend-dumping him? Because that was totally a dumping-someone way to start things off, and since the two Lyras were by no means involved that way, it had to be a friend-break-up.

They didn’t flat out say anything to that end, although Emmett couldn’t say he was a fan of Holland’s tone. “Okay, look,” he started. “I’m sorry that was kind of a disaster, but I honestly just wanted to make sure everything was okay and you were comfortable. I asked Russell to go check in, that was it.” It wasn’t his word-for-word phrasing to Russell or anything, but in Emmett’s mind, it was the truth.

“I’m sorry if that wasn’t the right thing to do,” Emmett said honestly. “Ruben’s always made me nervous. You can stay friends with him if you want, obviously, but I can’t help being cautious.”

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    • Not late enough. - Emmett Lawrence, Sat Jul 29 11:31
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