Really? I thought this was overdue
Sun Jul 30, 2017 15:05

To his credit, Emmett didn’t make it worse. Knowing him, Holland had expected Emmett to get defensive about it. An actual apology was nice. And it ticked two of the three boxes of a good apology: I’m sorry, I was wrong. It was just missing I won’t do it again. And Holland was pretty sure Emmett would do it again, if he had half a chance.

It was hard to be too mad at Emmett, though. He was wearing a Chewbacca onesie. And he was probably coming from a place of extremely mishandled concern.

A good apology didn’t mean all of Holland’s annoyance dissipated, though. “Did I look like I needed to be checked on?” Holland was pretty sure nothing about their body language had suggested they weren’t okay with talking to Ruben. They had been having a nice time painting nails and judging Danny and Marissa’s public displays of canoodling. Holland hadn’t spent a lot of time with their ex-boyfriend since the breakup, but not because they were nervous about him. It had just been awkward. The breakup had been about the whole spontaneously-punching-people thing, but Holland had never been genuinely concerned that Ruben would spontaneously punch them. It was just the willingness to use excessive force that they didn’t approve of.

“I mean, do you think I would stay in that conversation if I wasn’t comfortable?” The answer was no, of course not. Holland was the first to admit they were argumentative, so they might stay in a crappy conversation too long just to get the last word in, but not if they felt threatened for real. “Come on, Emmett, give me a little credit. I can take care of myself.” At the very least they had taken enough self-defense and Defense Against the Dark Arts classes to be handle themselves. “And I’m not sure what you expected Russell to do about it if I couldn’t.” They would have been less mad at Emmett if he had interrupted them himself.

Holland sighed. “Look, obviously you have a problem with Ruben,” everyone in school must have noticed that by now, even though Holland was pretty sure Ruben and Emmett had had exactly one conversation, “but Rose and I are friends with him, so maybe you could chill out a little.” Holland and Rose didn’t agree on a lot of things, but they apparently agreed about liking Ruben. “Or be up front with me about what your issue is and we can talk about it.”

  • Not late enough. - Emmett Lawrence, Sat Jul 29 11:31
    For the most part, the evening hadn’t been too terrible. Besides the lingering feeling that Holland was going to be annoyed with him, things were generally going okay. Snacks were a pleasant... more
    • Really? I thought this was overdue - Holland, Sun Jul 30 15:05
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