Myfanwy Owen
Oh my gosh
Tue Nov 7, 2017 16:29

Myfanwy had first learned to swim when she was five years old, and then she had taken some more lessons when she was ten to sort of remind herself how to do it, but there wasn’t a pool in her village back home in Wales so it wasn’t as if there had been much opportunity for her to practise. Some of the children in the school had sometimes had birthday parties at the public swimming pool over in the town, then they’d all shared lifts in other people’s cars and things to get there, but that hadn’t happened for a while, since they all turned into teenagers and nobody seemed to want anyone to see them in their swimming costumes anymore. Myffi didn’t really mind about that. She wasn’t very tall, sort of normal height, really, but her legs seemed quite long. She didn’t know if that meant that she had a really short body to make up for it, but she hadn’t ever found any trouble getting clothes to fit or anything, so she was probably close enough to normal for most people, seeing as how clothing manufacturers liked to make people feel like they were especially abnormal, at least according to all the magazines that Cledan liked to read.

Anyway, it didn’t bother Myffi that other teenagers might see her in her swimsuit. It was a two-piece, like a vest for a top thing and some short shorts. The label had said it was called a tankini but she didn’t even know what that was. It was blue anyway, sort of blurry, smudgy horizontal wavy lines of mid and darker blues, with little white starfish on it occasionally. She hadn’t really cared about the pattern, it was the only one she had found in her size that was certified fairtrade when she had been shopping to come to school. It covered everything it needed to so that was what was important really.

She definitely wasn’t an expert swimmer, but she had made it into the pool at RMI a couple of times already, just to remind herself what this swimming stuff was all about. It was sort of annoying, too, because either she wore her glasses in the pool but she couldn’t put her head under, or she took her glasses off, but then she couldn’t see as well as she would like. She had tried contact lenses once but no thank you, she hadn’t liked those at all. There was probably some charm or other to use to help be able to see in the water or something, but she had never had cause to learn it.

Today, as Myffi had chosen to mess around in the leisure pool rather than try swimming properly, like in lengths or something, she had left her glasses in a pink case near the side of the pool. She had tied her shoulder-length, straight hair back into as tight a braid as she could manage - the henna dye she’d tried over midterm had stopped being visible a while ago. She didn’t know if it had just washed out or faded, but it hadn’t made much of a difference to her almost-black hair, anyway. That morning she had tried charming a streak near the front of her head lilac, and it had sort-of worked - well, it went a greyish purple, anyway - but that had faded by the late afternoon, too. So her hair was its normal colour as she swam about a bit, trying to hold her breath as she crossed from one part of the pool to the other.

Myfanwy decided to explore near the waterfall, and wondered if it had a massaging effect when it fell on her shoulders - she’d heard that was a thing, like at some health retreats and things you could have natural aromatherapy treatments, and they used water for all sorts, and she’d definitely heard that water pressure could massage your muscles. So Myffi backed under the waterfall a bit, and then a bit more, until suddenly she was behind it and she wasn’t in the pool anymore at all. It was like a secret room or something. Like, genuinely, she had no idea this was even here.

Unfortunately her glasses were still in their case in the rec center, and her wand was back in her room, but Myffi could see well enough to make out that this wasn’t just a room; it seemed to be a long passage. She walked along it a little bit. “Oh my gosh, this is so weird,” she said aloud to herself.

    • Oh my gosh you guys - Katherine Kendrick, Thu Nov 9 18:18
      “Come on Darby!” Kit called over her shoulder as she tugged on the red ribbon leash around her wrist. The other end of the bright, satin ribbon was looped carefully around a large-ish tarantula in a... more
      • Calm down now - Myfanwy, Sun Nov 12 14:39
        Myfanwy hadn’t been expecting another voice to join her own. It was totally normal for a person who thought they were alone in a hidden corridor they had literally just discovered accidentally to... more
        • I don't think I have that setting - Kit, Sat Nov 18 11:57
          It was good that the older person wasn’t lost because Kit would have had to be a little bit judgmental about that and she didn’t like being judgmental, but they were super close to the rec center and ... more
          • I suspect you are correct - Myffi, Wed Nov 22 06:45
            “There are lots of other places to get into the passageways,” the smaller girl said, adding to the list of things that were surprising Myffi that day. This wasn’t just a room, then; there were... more
            • Even I do that sometimes - Kit, Mon Nov 27 17:44
              Wow the more the big kid talked the more Kit realized that she sounded really weird. Not in a bad way, but in a magical way, like a fairy. Except not like the fairies they saw in Magizoobotany or... more
              • Wonders never cease - Myffi, Wed Nov 29 09:56
                Hearing that the first year thought the Owen sisters’ names were strange didn’t bother Myffi in the slightest, especially as Kit - yes! Now she had a name to put to the face (and the voice, which was ... more
                • I, too, never cease - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:41
                  Aww, Myfanwy thought that Kit would make a good party hostess! Kit’s cheeks turned pink with excitement as she bounced on the balls of her feet. It would be amazing! She didn’t have a theme yet... more
                  • A kindred spirit - Myffi, Fri Dec 8 22:20
                    Kit confirmed that Marissa had not had a party yet, and she should know, because she was her sister. Also that there was a big party coming, which was a totally fab prospect for Myfanwy to look... more
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