Katherine Kendrick
Oh my gosh you guys
Thu Nov 9, 2017 18:18

“Come on Darby!” Kit called over her shoulder as she tugged on the red ribbon leash around her wrist. The other end of the bright, satin ribbon was looped carefully around a large-ish tarantula in a way that only kind of inhibited its movement. The tarantula in question was clearly excited, as it was running from side to side in a way the Kit could clearly relate to, occasionally making a chittering sound or rubbing two of its eight legs together.

When Kit had started at RMI, her big sister Marissa (who was the best) had taken her and Drew and some other people on a tour of the secret passageways. It was supposed to be just her and Drew, but Kit was really really good at making friends so it was some of her new friends too. And then for Christmas, Marissa and Rose had gotten her Darby, and now that she had Darby, Kit could take Darby for a walk in the passageways! She could probably have taken him for a walk in other places but she was still kind of hoping that Grandpa Garen wouldn’t notice that she was taking Darby out from her side of the room, and plus it just made more sense to walk a tarantula in the secret passageways. Tarantulas were kind of spooky and so were the passageways. Plus, Darby kind of blended into the dark in a way that probably made him very happy. Or at least, he seemed very happy.

Kit was pretty happy too. She was wearing one of her favorite shirts (it was pink and said ‘one in a minion’) and her new shoes (purple sequin high-tops) and had her best pet tarantula with her which meant that he wasn’t in the room with Darlene being mean to him. She’d finished up all her homework (or as finished as it ever got) (she would probably ask Drew about it later, he was better at homework than she was) and so she had free time to explore. The only thing that would have been better was if Drew or her friend Marley or someone had been around when she had decided to take Darby for a walk. But it was okay. Walking alone with your pet tarantula was a thing that just made you happy even if you didn’t have any of your people friends with you. That was okay. Drew thought that Darby was awesome and cool (which Darby was) but it seemed like Marley didn’t think Darby was as cool, which was okay because it wasn’t like she was racist against tarantulas or anything, she just probably thought there were cooler pets. Like maybe Marley wanted a pet eagle or something. Kit was afraid of eagles because they were so big and they could probably pick her up and carry her off to their eagle nest and eat her, if they wanted. So Kit wouldn’t want to play with Marley’s pet eagle. But it was okay if she had one.

“Darbles, hurry up!” the impatient redhead called, tugging on the leash. She walked along a little more, then found herself in a long corridor. Kit blinked. She was pretty sure they were close to the waterfall entrance of the passageways (she could hear water sounds) and -oh look there was a new friend!

“Hey!!” Kit called, waving frantically at the damp person down the corridor. “Hey! Are you lost? Do you need help? Darby and I can help you get out if you want, I’m really good at passageways and he’s learning about them, he can be like a guide-tarantula someday maybe!”

  • Oh my gosh - Myfanwy Owen, Tue Nov 7 16:29
    Myfanwy had first learned to swim when she was five years old, and then she had taken some more lessons when she was ten to sort of remind herself how to do it, but there wasn’t a pool in her village ... more
    • Oh my gosh you guys - Katherine Kendrick, Thu Nov 9 18:18
      • Calm down now - Myfanwy, Sun Nov 12 14:39
        Myfanwy hadn’t been expecting another voice to join her own. It was totally normal for a person who thought they were alone in a hidden corridor they had literally just discovered accidentally to... more
        • I don't think I have that setting - Kit, Sat Nov 18 11:57
          It was good that the older person wasn’t lost because Kit would have had to be a little bit judgmental about that and she didn’t like being judgmental, but they were super close to the rec center and ... more
          • I suspect you are correct - Myffi, Wed Nov 22 06:45
            “There are lots of other places to get into the passageways,” the smaller girl said, adding to the list of things that were surprising Myffi that day. This wasn’t just a room, then; there were... more
            • Even I do that sometimes - Kit, Mon Nov 27 17:44
              Wow the more the big kid talked the more Kit realized that she sounded really weird. Not in a bad way, but in a magical way, like a fairy. Except not like the fairies they saw in Magizoobotany or... more
              • Wonders never cease - Myffi, Wed Nov 29 09:56
                Hearing that the first year thought the Owen sisters’ names were strange didn’t bother Myffi in the slightest, especially as Kit - yes! Now she had a name to put to the face (and the voice, which was ... more
                • I, too, never cease - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:41
                  Aww, Myfanwy thought that Kit would make a good party hostess! Kit’s cheeks turned pink with excitement as she bounced on the balls of her feet. It would be amazing! She didn’t have a theme yet... more
                  • A kindred spirit - Myffi, Fri Dec 8 22:20
                    Kit confirmed that Marissa had not had a party yet, and she should know, because she was her sister. Also that there was a big party coming, which was a totally fab prospect for Myfanwy to look... more
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