Calm down now
Sun Nov 12, 2017 14:39

Myfanwy hadn’t been expecting another voice to join her own. It was totally normal for a person who thought they were alone in a hidden corridor they had literally just discovered accidentally to jump when they heard someone talk. That was totally normal. The fifth year didn’t need to feel embarrassed that she’d jumped a bit when she heard someone calling Hey and asking if she was lost.

It was kind of dark and she really couldn’t see properly but there was enough going on here for Myffi to realise the person talking to her was the excitable redheaded first year girl in her House, who definitely had a name but it wasn’t one Myffi could completely remember right now. She didn’t know who Darby was, she suspected maybe another first year for a moment, until the chirpy girl said guide-tarantula and then she remembered that one of the first years had a pet tarantula and obviously she should have guessed it would be this particular first year. Darby was an odd name choice for a tarantula. Myfanwy would have gone with something more obvious, like Webster or Corryn. Although she definitely wouldn’t ever have a pet tarantula, in all honesty. Pets were supposed to be like fluffy or cute or comforting or something, like maybe for companionship. That was a thing she’d heard of. Pets were also useful back home, like they had chickens for the eggs, and the cats on the farm were there to keep out the mice, and most of the dogs were sheepdogs, and even the lady who had two enormous angora rabbits actually spun their fur, or hair, or whatever you called it when it was on a rabbit and before it became a pair of gloves.

Anyway, Darby wasn’t any of those things. He was an oversized spider, and there probably wasn’t anything useful or cute or companionable about that. Maybe he could make webs though. Did tarantulas make webs? Myffi didn’t know. She only knew about normal spiders, she’d never even seen a tarantula. Well there was one quite near her now, apparently, but Myffi couldn’t exactly see him because of her not wearing her glasses and it being sort of dark back behind the waterfall. She didn’t think an oversized spider was the best pet choice for anyone, but if she was ever going to get a pet herself, she would probably have a cat or a dog or something friendly that she could interact with on some level.

“I don’t think I’m lost,” Myffi replied, sounding quite certain even though her words conflicted with her tone; she was making the assumption that she could get back out the same way she had just come in, which was only a few paces back. Of course if she couldn’t get out that way for whatever reason then she probably would need some help, which is why she hadn’t said outright that she was just fine. She supposed she ought to explain. “I just came through the waterfall,” Myffi elaborated. “In the rec center. I didn’t even know there was a room back here.” It was then she registered that the other girl looked like she was wearing clothes, and shoes, and she probably hadn’t come through the waterfall with a tarantula, anyway. “Is there another way in, then?” she asked, some of her surprise at there being a whole room she’d never heard of having not just one entrance, but two, probably evident in her voice.

  • Oh my gosh you guys - Katherine Kendrick, Thu Nov 9 18:18
    “Come on Darby!” Kit called over her shoulder as she tugged on the red ribbon leash around her wrist. The other end of the bright, satin ribbon was looped carefully around a large-ish tarantula in a... more
    • Calm down now - Myfanwy, Sun Nov 12 14:39
      • I don't think I have that setting - Kit, Sat Nov 18 11:57
        It was good that the older person wasn’t lost because Kit would have had to be a little bit judgmental about that and she didn’t like being judgmental, but they were super close to the rec center and ... more
        • I suspect you are correct - Myffi, Wed Nov 22 06:45
          “There are lots of other places to get into the passageways,” the smaller girl said, adding to the list of things that were surprising Myffi that day. This wasn’t just a room, then; there were... more
          • Even I do that sometimes - Kit, Mon Nov 27 17:44
            Wow the more the big kid talked the more Kit realized that she sounded really weird. Not in a bad way, but in a magical way, like a fairy. Except not like the fairies they saw in Magizoobotany or... more
            • Wonders never cease - Myffi, Wed Nov 29 09:56
              Hearing that the first year thought the Owen sisters’ names were strange didn’t bother Myffi in the slightest, especially as Kit - yes! Now she had a name to put to the face (and the voice, which was ... more
              • I, too, never cease - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:41
                Aww, Myfanwy thought that Kit would make a good party hostess! Kit’s cheeks turned pink with excitement as she bounced on the balls of her feet. It would be amazing! She didn’t have a theme yet... more
                • A kindred spirit - Myffi, Fri Dec 8 22:20
                  Kit confirmed that Marissa had not had a party yet, and she should know, because she was her sister. Also that there was a big party coming, which was a totally fab prospect for Myfanwy to look... more
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