Rose Farnon
Well that was unexpected
Thu Nov 23, 2017 20:53

Emmett Lawrence was forceful 0% of the time, so Rose was pretty sure that he’d either been kidnapped by centaurs or that it the note telling her to come to the passageways was a trap. And she was pretty sure it was a trap. On the other hand, it seemed weird to the sixth-year that someone would bother trapping her like that. If Rampant Bitch wanted to get revenge for her absolutely unfounded accusations against Rose (just because she was right didn’t mean they were founded on anything, even a broken clock wasn’t useless), Rose was pretty sure she would have just ambushed her in a hallway or something. It could have been Ruben trying to get revenge for her kicking him in the ribs a couple of times while he was dead drunk on the Pitch, but it seemed too elaborate for Ruben. Plus, his ego was big enough that he probably just automatically assumed he was better than her. Which was absolute bull, of course, but Rose was perfectly fine with him underestimating her because he was an idiot.

Regardless, Rose was absolutely ready for a trap. She had entered the passageways through the Aquila Commons, because that was the easiest way to enter the passageways while people were still heavily populating the hallways. Of course, whomever had actually written the note was clearly an idiot, because they hadn’t specified where in the passageways to meet. RMI was not a small school, and as far as Rose was aware, the passageways covered quite a bit of the school. The benefits of being underground - or something. There were a few spots that Rose thought were more likely than others (she couldn’t imagine that the sneaky corner by the kitchens was well-known), so she decided to start with those.

After traveling down a few passageways to get to the spot Rose thought was most likely, she was surprised to see that someone was there. Well, she was surprised that anyone would have chosen what Rose considered the most obvious place in the passageways for what she assumed was suppose to be a secret rendezvous, but when she realized that it was, in fact, Emmett standing there, Rose sighed and rolled her eyes. If anyone were to do something like that, it would be Emmett. He wasn’t the slipperiest salmon in the sea.

And although Rose had always known Emmett wasn’t the sharpest fedora in the hattery either, she would have hoped that the amount of time he’d spent ‘dating’ her had rubbed off on him at least a little bit. Well, she couldn’t have him thinking he’d gotten away with the weirdly demanding note and the less unusually poor choice in picking where to meet her. With a predatory grin, Rose tucked her flyaway blonde curls back and proceeded to sneak towards Emmett. He wasn’t facing her, which was a good start, although she was also wearing a pair of not-particularly-sneaky boots and a skirt, which was not ideal sneaking garb.

”Hi Rose.”

Rose froze, shocked. That was unexpected and particularly un-Emmett-like. How had he figured out she was there without turning around? That was Ruben levels of awareness, absolutely certainly things that she could never expect out of Emmett. She was about to open her mouth and say something to that effect when Emmett kept going.

”“Hey, Rose, thanks for coming. Wow, Rose, you look nice.”

This time, the Aquila did open her mouth. How the hell did Emmett know what she looked like if he wasn’t facing her? Had he set up some sort of series of mirroring charms with the express intent of having her approach him from behind and freaking her out? Again, way too much planning for Emmett. Rose was now considering the options. Was it possible that Ruben had brewed up a Polyjuice Potion to pretend to be Emmett, as some sort of weird form of revenge? No, this was simultaneously too sneaky for Ruben and too sneaky for Emmett. Which left - who? Now she was pissed, and she was about to pull out her wand and hex whomever was really standing in front of her when Emmett kept going. It slowly dawned on her.

This wasn’t a trick. Emmett Lawrence was legitimately standing in the middle of the passageways and waiting for her, and rehearsing what he was going to say. Rose stifled an unladylike snort, while simultaneously feeling a little bit smug because apparently one of the first things Emmett even practised saying to her was a compliment about how she looked. Vain was probably not a word to describe Rose, most of the time, but it did tickle her that it was something he apparently felt immediately compelled to say. Rose stifled another unladylike snort when Emmett professed to the invisible-Rose that he was going to pretend that she was Holland. That was an unlikely pairing. It made sense in context, but Rose was entirely certain that was the only context in which anyone might ever envision her as Holland, or vice versa.

She had decided to not think about the little quaver of concern she felt in her stomach when Emmett said he had a problem, though. It sounded too much like what someone said when they were breaking up with someone else, and even though Rose wasn’t dating Emmett for real, she - wasn’t quite ready to be done with that yet.

And then it went in the entirely opposite direction because Emmett went on to admit to invisible-Rose-Holland that he actually liked Rose and all of a sudden Rose felt like she couldn’t breathe because oh shit. Emmett actually had feelings which meant that she had to respond to Emmett having feelings and that sounded suspiciously like a trap to make her admit that she might actually like the boy she had started dating to make sure that her best friend didn’t feel bad about sleeping with the boy Rose actually liked, who Emmett also hated. And that was too complicated. And sounded too much like actually examining the feelings she was having about the situation, which was even weirder because Emmett was Marissa’s ex to begin with so really all they had done was some awkward shuffling around. So clearly the best option Rose had was to just leave and pretend she hadn’t heard any of that at all, and she was about to when Emmett realized he wasn’t alone. Which left her having to commit to something before she looked out of control or stupid.

“Enough to know that you’re dorkier than Russell,” Rose shot back, ignoring the fact that her cheeks were slightly red and hoping the lighting would mean Emmett didn’t see it. “Especially with the upgrades he’s gotten from Holland.”

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    • Well that was unexpected - Rose Farnon, Thu Nov 23 20:53
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