Fri Nov 24, 2017 09:52

It was her.

It was her and now she knew. Now she knew because she heard him practicing talking to her, which was like the ultimate spazz move. From her response - lowering him below even the level of Russell - Emmett could tell. Rose heard everything. Rose knew everything.

His face flushed a deep red, and his skin felt very hot all over despite a cold lump in the pit of his stomach. Rose hadn’t punched him yet, so he supposed maybe that was a good sign that she wasn’t completely and totally revolted by him. Or, he talked himself out of that silver lining, it meant that she thought he was so gross that she didn’t even want to touch him enough to connect her fist to his nose. Emmett’s self-loathing quickly attached to that version of events. He had never been so disappointed to not get punched in the face. (It probably would’ve hurt less, anyway.)

There were a lot of things he could say. The most immediate that came to mind was just kidding, but Emmett wasn’t a complete douchebag and would never confess feelings as a joke or say that it was a joke. That was super bad for girls’ (or anyone’s, really) self-esteem, and he cared way too much about Rose to potentially hurt her like that, not even to try to save himself. He could’ve said can we pretend this didn’t happen? and tried to laugh at himself, but he felt a little too close to crying to say an entire six-word sentence, especially one that was comparatively productive.

Emmett felt his head lower in shame. He was worse than Russell. This was officially the worst moment of his life. Thus far, his brain helpfully pointed out. “I-...” he fumbled weakly. Suddenly he felt like he only knew one word. “Sorry.”

  • Well that was unexpected - Rose Farnon, Thu Nov 23 20:53
    Emmett Lawrence was forceful 0% of the time, so Rose was pretty sure that he’d either been kidnapped by centaurs or that it the note telling her to come to the passageways was a trap. And she was... more
    • ABORT ABORT ABORT - Emmett, Fri Nov 24 09:52
      • Let's try to recover this mission - Rose, Fri Nov 24 10:20
        Okay, maybe that had been a little too harsh to count as kidding, which is how she had mostly meant it. Rose’s face flushed more as Emmett turned red too and apologized. Part of how Emmett and Rose... more
        • I'm willing to try if you are - Emmett, Fri Nov 24 10:43
          Emmett was content - or something resembling it, or at least as close to it as he was likely to get in this awkward and painful situation - to just stare at his shoes for a while, but Rose started... more
          • We're in it together, I guess - Rose, Fri Nov 24 11:04
            Well Emmett didn’t want Rose to hex Russell (which was probably for the best, Marissa wouldn’t have been too happy) and he seemed a little less like a kicked puppy which was good but he definitely... more
            • You said it. - Emmett, Sun Nov 26 17:42
              The initial “No” surprised him, but he was more thrown off by the way Rose seemed to go back and forth. Rose always seemed to know what she wanted, and she had a formed, steady opinion on most... more
              • Okay so Rose and Emmett were hugging and it was definitely the first time that they’d done this in private. Emmett never initiated anything, presumably because he was terrified that Rose would hex... more
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