Let's try to recover this mission
Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:20

Okay, maybe that had been a little too harsh to count as kidding, which is how she had mostly meant it. Rose’s face flushed more as Emmett turned red too and apologized. Part of how Emmett and Rose had started ‘dating’ to begin with had to do with their mutual dislike of the transfer students (except Kaye, apparently, who Emmett had shaved his head for like an idiot and who Rose appreciated for her Heather-focused kleptomania). It had potentially been a step too far to mention Russell - and specifically Holland’s relationship to Russell - and Rose felt bad but she also wasn’t about to apologize because admitting she was wrong to people wasn’t something she did.

“No don’t - I didn’t mean it like that. I was kidding.” Kind of, anyway. Mostly she’d been looking for something to say that didn’t come across as soft and squishy and emotional. Rose didn’t do emotions, she did neutral-Rose and angry-Rose. She cared about her brothers, but that often manifested itself as angry-Rose in fights with their father. She cared about Marissa, but as the last couple of terms had demonstrated, that also manifested as angry-Rose. Rose was good at getting angry on the behalf of others and doing something about it, but this wasn’t a situation where she could get angry at someone and do something about it. Nobody had hurt Emmett, so she had nobody to hex. There. That was a safe thing to say. “You’re loads better than Russell. I could hex him for you, if you like.”

The realization that Emmett was someone she’d hex people for had come at approximately the time that Rose had given him his puffskein. He had been genuinely upset at the loss of his stupid fake baby and although Rose absolutely did not want to hear him whine about it, she also had felt weird about the idea of him being that sad. Then she felt weird about feeling weird and tucked that all away in a corner. It was something she might have talked over with Marissa, but Rose absolutely couldn’t reveal to Marissa the fact that the relationship with Emmett was fake. Holland was probably the next person they would go to about that sort of thing, as the person who was arguably Emmett’s best friend, but it was the same thing. To be fair, though, Rose was pretty sure that Holland had their suspicions about Rose and Emmett’s relationship to begin with. Holland had suspicions about everything.

  • ABORT ABORT ABORT - Emmett, Fri Nov 24 09:52
    It was her. It was her and now she knew. Now she knew because she heard him practicing talking to her, which was like the ultimate spazz move. From her response - lowering him below even the level of ... more
    • Let's try to recover this mission - Rose, Fri Nov 24 10:20
      • I'm willing to try if you are - Emmett, Fri Nov 24 10:43
        Emmett was content - or something resembling it, or at least as close to it as he was likely to get in this awkward and painful situation - to just stare at his shoes for a while, but Rose started... more
        • We're in it together, I guess - Rose, Fri Nov 24 11:04
          Well Emmett didn’t want Rose to hex Russell (which was probably for the best, Marissa wouldn’t have been too happy) and he seemed a little less like a kicked puppy which was good but he definitely... more
          • You said it. - Emmett, Sun Nov 26 17:42
            The initial “No” surprised him, but he was more thrown off by the way Rose seemed to go back and forth. Rose always seemed to know what she wanted, and she had a formed, steady opinion on most... more
            • Okay so Rose and Emmett were hugging and it was definitely the first time that they’d done this in private. Emmett never initiated anything, presumably because he was terrified that Rose would hex... more
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