I'm willing to try if you are
Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:43

Emmett was content - or something resembling it, or at least as close to it as he was likely to get in this awkward and painful situation - to just stare at his shoes for a while, but Rose started talking, and he looked up. At least, up enough to kinda look at her (beautiful, beautiful) face. She was pretty small, and Emmett, while no means a giant, had done a little bit of growing over the last couple years. He was taller than Holland now, and just a smidge shorter than Danny. But Rose was decidedly small. Though she be but little, she is fierce could’ve been written for her if Shakespeare had been alive now and not like a thousand years ago.

He laughed weakly at her offer to hex Russell. That was something he admired about her. Not the trigger finger per se, but her immediate willingness to come to someone’s defense. Even his, apparently, and even when Russell had technically done nothing wrong other than exist and cramp Emmett’s (lack of) style. “Nah,” he said with almost a smile. “Maybe later.” If Russell kept spending time with Holland, Emmett might have to reconsider, but for now, he would let it be. He didn’t want to inevitably piss Holland off with his meddling (again) until it was fully necessary.

“Look,” Emmett began seriously, regaining his relative composure. “I’m sorry about… that. That was weird. I am… I’m more than willing to just pretend that didn’t happen, if you want to. We could just leave here and never talk about this again.” He was at least slightly proud that he’d managed to say that now, since his brain wouldn’t let him a moment earlier. The fact that Rose wasn’t completely humiliating him for this was promising. Not for his “odds” or anything necessarily - his shot with her for real was, like, probably negative percent - but at least she didn’t seem to totally hate him for it.

  • Let's try to recover this mission - Rose, Fri Nov 24 10:20
    Okay, maybe that had been a little too harsh to count as kidding, which is how she had mostly meant it. Rose’s face flushed more as Emmett turned red too and apologized. Part of how Emmett and Rose... more
    • I'm willing to try if you are - Emmett, Fri Nov 24 10:43
      • We're in it together, I guess - Rose, Fri Nov 24 11:04
        Well Emmett didn’t want Rose to hex Russell (which was probably for the best, Marissa wouldn’t have been too happy) and he seemed a little less like a kicked puppy which was good but he definitely... more
        • You said it. - Emmett, Sun Nov 26 17:42
          The initial “No” surprised him, but he was more thrown off by the way Rose seemed to go back and forth. Rose always seemed to know what she wanted, and she had a formed, steady opinion on most... more
          • Okay so Rose and Emmett were hugging and it was definitely the first time that they’d done this in private. Emmett never initiated anything, presumably because he was terrified that Rose would hex... more
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