We're in it together, I guess
Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:04

Well Emmett didn’t want Rose to hex Russell (which was probably for the best, Marissa wouldn’t have been too happy) and he seemed a little less like a kicked puppy which was good but he definitely still had a bizarre sad/uncomfortable thing going on and it made Rose feel uncomfortable and some other feeling that was uncomfortable in and of itself. What was she supposed to do with all of this? Emmett was apparently willing to just move on and forget it happened, which Rose would have been absolutely for if he’d suggested it with a little less - whatever it was. He was clearly doing better than he had been a second ago when he’d taken her comment the wrong way, but he still didn’t seem like Emmett. If Rose had pockets, she would have shoved her hands in them but she didn’t so she just shifted uncomfortably.

“No, I mean,” she still didn’t know what to say about any of this. Her first instinct was to mock Emmett for having an entire conversation with an imaginary her, who he was pretending was an imaginary Holland because that was incredibly stupid regardless of any context. But Rose also didn’t want to make Emmett sad again because it made her feel weird. “It’s okay,” she said. At this point she was just tacking words together. What was she supposed to do now? Rose felt uncomfortable and her stomach was unsettled, as though she’d done too many dives at Quidditch practise. “I mean it’s weird,” she admitted, automatically veering towards making fun of him, but Rose realised what she was doing and backtracked. “I mean, it’s not,” she said.

Now she was just making word salad and it was incredibly frustrating. This whole situation was incredibly frustrating, and Rose really wished she could just pause for a second and talk to someone about it. What was she supposed to do to make Emmett feel better? The seventeen-year-old huffed a sigh of frustration and balled her fists together, then walked up to Emmett and hugged him. There. Now she didn’t have to say anything stupid.

  • I'm willing to try if you are - Emmett, Fri Nov 24 10:43
    Emmett was content - or something resembling it, or at least as close to it as he was likely to get in this awkward and painful situation - to just stare at his shoes for a while, but Rose started... more
    • We're in it together, I guess - Rose, Fri Nov 24 11:04
      • You said it. - Emmett, Sun Nov 26 17:42
        The initial “No” surprised him, but he was more thrown off by the way Rose seemed to go back and forth. Rose always seemed to know what she wanted, and she had a formed, steady opinion on most... more
        • Okay so Rose and Emmett were hugging and it was definitely the first time that they’d done this in private. Emmett never initiated anything, presumably because he was terrified that Rose would hex... more
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