You said it.
Sun Nov 26, 2017 17:42

The initial “No” surprised him, but he was more thrown off by the way Rose seemed to go back and forth. Rose always seemed to know what she wanted, and she had a formed, steady opinion on most things, but now she was flip-flopping on whether or not this was weird. Spoiler alert: it definitely was; it was weird and complicated and Emmett had probably screwed it all up, which was why he suggested forgetting all about what he’d said. But she didn’t want to. What the hell did that mean?

The Lyra saw her fingers tuck up into fists - which were things that Rose Farnon often wore as accessories, like earrings or a handbag - before she started moving closer to him, and he immediately realized that now was the time that inevitable face-punch was coming. Well, it had been a good run, his having a face that wasn’t shattered into a thousand pieces, but now it was sure to come to an end, although he wasn’t entirely sure why Rose was choosing now to punch him. That seemed counterintuitive, but, hey, if she felt like throwing a punch, then-...

….Wait, what?

There was physical contact, and it was not painful. In fact, it was… pleasant. Rose was hugging him. That was… well, he liked that a lot better than being hit, of course, but he had definitely not expected it. Emmett did feel his face glow a little warmer, awkwardly noticing that he could feel her… collar bones. Feeling guilty, he pulled away a moment later.

“Uh, thanks,” he offered pathetically. Emmett was glad this had gone okay - it had been awkward of course, but everything always was where "Emmett Lawrence" and "feelings for girls" overlapped, but she had not proclaimed to the heavens that they were no longer on speaking terms, so he'd take it - but he couldn’t walk away from this mess without confirming: “So then… we’re good?”

  • We're in it together, I guess - Rose, Fri Nov 24 11:04
    Well Emmett didn’t want Rose to hex Russell (which was probably for the best, Marissa wouldn’t have been too happy) and he seemed a little less like a kicked puppy which was good but he definitely... more
    • You said it. - Emmett, Sun Nov 26 17:42
      • Okay so Rose and Emmett were hugging and it was definitely the first time that they’d done this in private. Emmett never initiated anything, presumably because he was terrified that Rose would hex... more
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