Stella E.M. Ramiro
Horrified by Ingenuity!
Tue Jan 17, 2017 17:06

The boy introduced himself as Hunter, and Stella very vaguely remembered hearing his name at one point during orientation. She shook her head as she spoke, which was in a very huffy tone. "Hahahaha, no no no, there isn't going to be a next time, you almost got me caught! I don't even know what to tell you?! I think that we should at least stay in here for a few more minutes before we head out, or at least that's what I'm going to do. If you want to risk getting caught, be my guest. But Stella's going to stay in here," she said, her face scrunched up in disgust. She had accidentally said her real name, ugh! Why was this boy following Stella around, and what did he want from her? Why couldn't he be freaked out like everyone else and leave her alone? Huffily, she turned around and looked around the room, that way she didn't have to face Hunter, or whatever his name was.

As she looked at her surroundings, she noticed that the room itself was not in the same state of ruin as the hallways outside- quite the contrary, for the exception of accumulated dust on the floor, the room itself was very neat. All of the desks were in seemingly good shape and stacked in orderly piles on one side of the room, there were tables? And was that a pull-out couch? What was this place? She made her way deeper and could see that there was also a closet that was stocked with an assortment of things, including pillows, blankets, and other bedtime things. Whoever was here before must have really liked to sleep. Across the coffee tables were scattered magazines that were either about quidditch, or cars, or both, she wasn't sure. On the couch, there was a small black box tied with a red lacy ribbon. Momentarily forgetting her anger, she spoke out loud. "I think whoever used to own this room left us a present, Ioma," she said lightly, slowly walking up to the box.

Although the box was very simple and seemed to be a cardboard box spray painted black, the ribbon was what interested Stella. She slowly untied it and felt its soft material with her fingers. Slowly, she put it in her pocket, deciding that she would decide what to do with it later. Opening the box, she found a very pretty, and expensive looking necklace made of both silver and gold, that contained several gemstones. She gave an audible gasp when she touched it, however, because it activated a voice: the box spoke to her.

"Hello," a cool but stern voice spoke, it sounded like a female. "If you've found this box, it ultimately means that you have found one of RMI's newest secret compartments, which belongs to no one other than Ali- the nefarious and very beautiful AB." The voice was interrupted by a deeper voice, a boy? "Really? That's the word you're going to use to describe yourself- nefarious?" The first voice replied. "Archer, if I had known you were going to interrupt me every time I spoke, I wouldn't have invited you to do this." "All I know is that you told me you had a surprise, why are we even doing this" "Don't you want to leave your mark on this school, after all it's done to you?" "Don't you mean done for me?" "No."

Stella couldn't help but giggle. She liked the female voice, whoever she was. She turned the necklace and saw a very elaborate inscription of the letters A.B. . The voice continued.

“To whoever found this room, may it be your solace…” "How long is this even going to take, I thought we were going to do something else." "If you want to leave this room alive you'll take that hand off my leg.” The girl cleared her throat. “To whoever found this room, may it be your solace in your remaining years in this god-awful establishment. May you pass on AB's legacy for years to come-” The boy whispered something unintelligible, but the girl just spoke louder. “May you pass on AB's legacy for years to come and use this room not only for moments of solitude, but to better yourself as a independent witch." "How do you know a girl is going to find this?" "Oh my god, shut up! “ “Okay, okay. Sheesh.” The voices cut out.

Standing there with her eyes wide open, she turned to Hunter. "Wow," is all she could manage.

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