Wonders never cease
Wed Nov 29, 2017 09:56

Hearing that the first year thought the Owen sisters’ names were strange didn’t bother Myffi in the slightest, especially as Kit - yes! Now she had a name to put to the face (and the voice, which was more important in the semi-darkness without her glasses) - seemed to like the names. “They’re Welsh,” she explained. “That’s where I’m from: Wales. Myfanwy means ‘my dearest’ and Cledan is the name of a river.” She had never thought of it as a fairy princess name, but she didn’t mind that it sounded that way to Kit. At least people knew how to spell Kit in most parts of the world. Pretty much as soon as she went anywhere outside of Wales (which hadn’t happened a whole lot until she came to RMI, but the family had gone on some holidays abroad before the move, and sometimes they’d needed to go over the border for some meeting or whatever) it was common for people to see her name written down and just give up on trying to read it aloud. That’s why she still continued to use the shortened version of her name, even though sometimes she felt like she’d grown out of being called Myffi. Maybe she should just get used to that being her name now if she was going to keep living in America. "You can call me Myfanwy if you want to."

Kit started to tell Myffi a lot more about the secret hidden passageways in the school, and Myffi could hardly believe what she was hearing. It sounded like they went everywhere, like you could get through most parts of the school without having to go outside or in the main corridors or something. This was just absolutely amazing, and it was a shame that Myffi hadn’t found out about them til now, that was still true, but also it was fun learning about them for the first time. “It is cool,” she agreed with Kit, chuckling as she spoke. “I mean like one second I was in a waterfall, and then the next I’m totally in some random passageway that I’d never even known about, talking to a first year and her tarantula,” she unnecessarily summarised the past few minutes of her life experiences.

“I’ve heard about Marissa’s parties,” Myffi commented, “but I guess there hasn’t been one since I’ve been at the school?” Either that, or there had been one and she hadn’t been invited. That would make her feel sort of left out, she guessed, if she thought it was true, but nothing about Marissa Kendrick so far implied she would excluded people just because she didn’t know them very well. “You should do parties,” she encouraged Kit with a smile. “You seem to have lots of confidence, and you’re friendly,” Myffi observed. She couldn’t comment on the girl’s other traits because she didn’t know her, but even their short conversation had let her know those two details. “They sound like essential qualities for a good party hostess.”

Myfanwy hadn’t really ever tried hosting her own party. She’d had birthday parties when she was smaller, either at the village hall, or the school hall, or sometimes just in her home if she was only having a few friends around, but the last few years it had been more usual for just a few friends to go together to a cinema or have a sleepover or something, so it turned out that Myffi hadn’t ever had a real party since she’d been old enough to organise one for herself, instead of having her parents and sister do it for her. Apparently parties became more fashionable again when you were a bit older, and there was dancing and alcohol involved. Maybe by the time Myffi turned seventeen she would have made enough friends at school to have one of those sort of parties. That might be fun, and if it was small enough then she wouldn’t need to do very much organising. The Lyra liked working with people as a group to get things done, but she didn’t think she’d be very good at being in charge and making all the planning decisions herself. Perhaps she just didn’t like being the centre of attention in that way, or perhaps it was because contributing to a community was more important to her than individual recognition.

  • Even I do that sometimes - Kit, Mon Nov 27 17:44
    Wow the more the big kid talked the more Kit realized that she sounded really weird. Not in a bad way, but in a magical way, like a fairy. Except not like the fairies they saw in Magizoobotany or... more
    • Wonders never cease - Myffi, Wed Nov 29 09:56
      • I, too, never cease - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:41
        Aww, Myfanwy thought that Kit would make a good party hostess! Kit’s cheeks turned pink with excitement as she bounced on the balls of her feet. It would be amazing! She didn’t have a theme yet... more
        • A kindred spirit - Myffi, Fri Dec 8 22:20
          Kit confirmed that Marissa had not had a party yet, and she should know, because she was her sister. Also that there was a big party coming, which was a totally fab prospect for Myfanwy to look... more
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