A kindred spirit
Fri Dec 8, 2017 22:20

Kit confirmed that Marissa had not had a party yet, and she should know, because she was her sister. Also that there was a big party coming, which was a totally fab prospect for Myfanwy to look forward to. But wait what was that about Heather and a broomstick? Did Kit… wow did she know what that meant? If someone was saying that about her own sister Myffi didn’t think she’d be telling other people about it. Maybe Kit didn’t know. Oh gosh that was sort of funny but probably not really, if you were Marissa. Heather had been nice to Myffi so far, but the Welsh girl realised her yearmate could be a gossip. Of course that didn’t make it okay for her to say mean things about people, although on the other hand, if Marissa was, well, like that, then Heather would probably know about it. Still she shouldn’t say things like that to her little sister.

Myfanwy blinked and Kit was suddenly talking about the upper years going around kissing everyone and stuff. For the first time in her time at RMI, Myffi had doubts about attending these parties. If Kit thought that’s what went on at them, and Heather said that sort of thing about Marissa, then maybe she didn’t want to go, after all. It wasn’t like she was opposed to kissing in general, but she wasn’t going to go around doing it with just anyone. Then Kit asked if Myffi had kissed anyone at school yet like it was unavoidable. “Gosh no,” she replied quickly. Then, because that maybe sounded a little harsh, she added, “I mean I don’t know if I really like anyone like that. I don’t go around kissing just anyone, you know.” Or maybe Kit didn’t know.

“Is that, like, normal here?” Myffi asked. She tried to remember if she’d seen any of the upper years behaving like Kit was suggesting. She might have maybe seen some older students kissing, but definitely nothing out of the ordinary, and certainly not with a frequency that had caused her to notice anything unusual. Her own school back home had been full of children who had all grown up together, and sometimes they started dating in school, and some of them maybe kissed, but they definitely wouldn’t be just doing that at school or anything. That wouldn’t be allowed.

  • I, too, never cease - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:41
    Aww, Myfanwy thought that Kit would make a good party hostess! Kit’s cheeks turned pink with excitement as she bounced on the balls of her feet. It would be amazing! She didn’t have a theme yet... more
    • A kindred spirit - Myffi, Fri Dec 8 22:20
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