Sorsha Nolan
A good party is what I love best!
Tue Jan 17, 2017 19:01

Sorsha Nolan was known as a simple creature. It was more than often that her parents had called her disorganized and flighty. Despite this, the girl had an avid sense of personal preservation. It was most likely how she’d managed to survive all six of her years of schooling, making this her last year. It was a bittersweet moment for the seventeen-year-old, although it was probably the best of her parents. They were more than excited for the teen to finish her schooling and move on with her life. While they supported her, the fact that they had to enroll her in RMI was more of a slight to her father, even if he wouldn’t admit it.

Of course, it would make things difficult if Kiernan, her baby brother, wound up being magical. Even so they still had time to make him into a more presentable human than Sorsha had turned out to be. But her parents hopeless cause turned out to be a fun personality in the Lyra. The lively female was more than happy to enjoy things instead of being too serious about everything. It made her who she was and also made her another disappointment for her pureblooded father, even if he had been disowned. Pride ran deep.

But thankfully, it was that personality that made her friends (as well as enemies). Of course, as soon as it became a buzz, Sorsha knew about Marissa’s party. At first, she hadn’t been sure that she would go. It wouldn’t be the first party she had attended, but it would most likely be the last unless another one was organized. So really, the decision was clear in the end. She was still tucked away in her dorm room when it “started”, generally preferring to let things get started before she got there. A dark pair of skinny jeans contrasted by a shimmery deep red tank top set the tone for her outfit. Sorsha decided to finish it off with a pair of white converse. With a last glance at the mirror, the Lyra ditched her jacket and headed for the Secret Passageways.

The party was a bit busy when she got there. Some people were dancing, others were standing around talking, and there were a few that were occupying the area around the snack table. Choosing the current lesser evil, the Irish girl made her way over to the food, nabbing a cup of punch and some random finger foods. She positioned herself by the edge of the table, surveying the dancefloor and the people.

It wasn’t more than a moment later when a dark figure bumped into her. She heard more than felt the punch splash onto her shoes. She frowned, eyes flickering down towards the quickly staining converse. Before she could reach for the wand she had hastily shoved into her back pocket, the person – she was fairly certain that it was Holland but couldn’t quite see them – uttered the cleaning spell and her converse were once more pristine. After a moment, Sorsha’s eyes darted up. Definitely Holland. No one else knew quite so much about space and aliens as they did.

“Hello Holland,” she said cheerfully, nodding to her friend. “Shame about Mars, especially if it causes clumsiness.” Sorsha found Holland to be interesting and often enjoyed sharing fashion advice with them. They weren’t close, but when it came to fashion and occasional company, they tended to be the type of person that Sorsha enjoyed hanging around. “Enjoying the party so far?”

  • I love a good party - Holland Keene, Sat Jan 14 12:21
    Marissa Kendrick threw the best parties out of anyone in the school, and Holland wasn’t surprised to see a pretty little invitation on their pillow when they got back from Astronomy one evening.... more
    • A good party is what I love best! - Sorsha Nolan, Tue Jan 17 19:01
      • Couldn’t have said it better myself - Holland, Sat Jan 21 05:01
        Holland straightened up, glad they had bumped into Sorsha and not someone less easygoing. Sorsha was fun, although most of the time she seemed like she had her head in the clouds in a way that had... more
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