Camilla Baird
Dance Interruption
Tue Jan 17, 2017 21:14

Parties have never been something Camilla utterly enjoyed or was comfortable in, especially in large groups. The Cetus, however, had agreed to tag along to the party with Elijah after a couple of hours of convincing from his part. The blonde felt like it was unnecessary to expose herself to situations that might end up badly, particularly if alcohol was involved, which was something she had heard about Marissa´s parties. The Cetus was one of those people who preferred to observe and learn than to be active participant of what was happening around her. Camilla knew who her older and younger classmates were from years of observation and class interactions.

The blonde looked at her reflection, sighed, and decided it was an okay outfit. Camilla was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a black over the shoulder crop that rested on her navel, and her long, straight blonde hair casually rested on her back while she had opted to wear a comfortable pair of black ankle boots. Camilla wore just a bit of mascara to enhance her hazel eyes with a dash of pink lipstick. She finished her outfit with a pair of dangling earrings and headed out to meet with Elijah to arrive together.

As soon she entered the Secret Passageways and headed towards the party, a familiar tug at her stomach made itself known - Camilla was nervous. She didn't know why, but she was. By the time they arrived, people were already there. Her hazel eyes quickly scanned the room to find people dancing, the hostess with a younger student, and some other people having a blast. The music playfully endeared her senses, and a smile tugged at her lips.

In the midst of the party chaos, Camilla lost Elijah, and she felt a little lost. She came come because he had basically made her, and she didn't really have a relationship with anyone in the room apart from often class interactions.

The music began moving through her body, waking it up, and Camilla forgot for a second that her safety net had vanished in the sea of bodies. Camilla smiled and began swaying to the music, but her happy moment ended when someone accidentally stepped on her foot.

“No problem,” she answered to his apology. Camilla recognized Dardanious Dubois from her knowledge of her english high society. “I’m okay, my boot softened the blow,” she said with a shy smile. The blonde wondered if he recognized the obvious Edwards genes in her face.

  • Not dancing - Dardanius Dubois, Sun Jan 15 15:02
    Rule breaking was not something Dardanius usually condoned. The real exception was whenever Marissa had thrown a party. In the first few cases, Danny had been so eager to fit in with his peers, and... more
    • Dance Interruption - Camilla Baird, Tue Jan 17 21:14
      • My bad - Dardanius, Thu Jan 19 06:46
        He glanced down at the boots she mentioned, then back up at Camilla. Here was one of the many people in the room showing a lot more skin than Dardanius was himself. He was neither complaining nor... more
        • No biggie - Camilla , Fri Jan 20 12:24
          The blonde smiled patiently at Danny´s comment on her height. Yes, she knew she was tall, and she had never been bothered by it. In fact, she liked it, but sometimes, it made her feel a little bit... more
          • Glad we're getting along - Danny, Sat Jan 21 16:18
            Great, she was laughing and not glaring at him, so Danny relaxed a little. Camilla even threw in her own tall joke, at which Danny ventured a laugh of his own. “Yeah it's not so bad down here,... more
            • We are doing A-Okay - Camilla, Tue Jan 24 23:00
              While waiting for Danny to come back with the drinks, her eyes glanced around her. The music was constantly changing its rhythm and Camilla´s body reacted to the changes in subtle ways. Her foot... more
              • Long may it continue - Danny, Thu Jan 26 14:47
                Camilla didn’t want to try the punch, and Danny could hardly blame her, but he did feel like he had let her down by getting her a drink she didn’t even want. Also he felt like she was being a bit of... more
                • Hear! Hear! - Camilla, Sat Jan 28 21:08
                  Danny seemed more at ease at the party than she would ever be. It was logical, really since he was more popular than her. He was more open than her, and she didn't really feel bad about it. The Ceti... more
                  • Exactly - Danny, Tue Jan 31 01:24
                    The water was a hit; Dardanius was relieved, and had a celebratory gulp of his own drink. “Do you guys get together very often?” Camilla asked, and Danny assumed she was talking about Marissa and the ... more
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