Jesse Keller
Finding myself lost
Thu Apr 12, 2018 15:46

He had yet to find any evidence of werewolves in the tunnels, although Jesse had been reluctant to explore them when a full moon was in the sky, just in case there was some truth in what Lilly-Anna had said. While the first year did not really expect the Headmaster to let a werewolf wander the school freely at night, even if the wanderings took place in some passageways that were supposed to be secret from the students - although they clearly weren’t, because if Lilly-Anna knew about them, and she had only been at the school for two and a half years, then other students probably did, too, and if Lilly-Anna had told Jesse about them, then it stood to reason that she might tell others, and maybe the others would tell others, and were they really secret at all? - there was no way of proving that there was not a werewolf among the student body. Jesse didn’t even know the first years students that well, let alone any of the older inhabitants of the school, and he didn’t imagine a werewolf would like to make their condition known, because people were generally not very accepting of werewolves. Jesse thought that was understandable, because a werewolf bite would not be pleasant to experience even without the side-effects of actually becoming a werewolf. He didn’t like to be near other large animals that could bite him, either. Although he supposed a werewolf was a normal person the rest of the time, when it wasn’t a full moon, and he guessed there was no reason not to be near them then. If there was a werewolf at school, Jesse might even have been in classes with them and not noticed. So why wouldn’t they want people to know? He guessed it wasn’t his business who was or wasn’t a werewolf, anyway.

Werewolf hideout or not, the passages could be creepy. Some of them were narrow, some were dark, sometimes they seemed to lead out into different places than they did last time, and sometimes Jesse thought he heard whispered voices. He wasn’t scared of ghosts, but he hadn’t even seen any ghosts around, just heard hushed speaking. That was peculiar, and while disembodied voices was not always a cause for concern, they were rarely a cause for celebration in Jesse’s experience.

Even armed with the maps that Lilly-Anna had given him, Jesse still found himself getting lost in the passageways. Either her cartography skills required much improvement, or he was correct in his guess that the passages moved about. It was a magic school, where the sky, weather, and views from the windows were all lying to him on a day to day basis, so he would not be at all surprised if parts of the school that were theoretically supposed to be hidden misbehaved according to usual expectations. Yet his acceptance of the situation did not aide the Draco student when he had walked for a considerable amount of time in the dark on his own, to simply be at the place he had been a considerable amount of time ago. The first year sighed, lifting his wand to cast light from its tip (using the spell he had eventually mastered following many repetitions since his first ever class at Rocky Mountain International) over one of the maps in his hand. Dark brown eyes surveyed the drawings, confirming his initial suspicion: he was lost.

A disembodied voice spoke, too softly for Jesse to make out its words, and he fancied that it was mocking him. Rightly so, considering he had accomplished losing his way, again, armed with a map, again. The owner of the voice, whoever they were, might as well engage him in conversation while he tried to find his way out. It would help to pass the time, Jesse thought, as he strained to hear the voice again. “Hello?” he called out, wondering whether the specter wished to be engaged by a first year.

    • A partner in... wherever we are - Mikael Lundqvist, Sun Apr 15 13:28
      "Missä se on?" The very quiet, very unnecessary question was followed by a less quiet crunch that made him wince. Was there someone else here nearby? Someone who could answer him? ...Nope. Waving his ... more
      • This place that is here - Jesse, Tue Apr 17 10:10
        This time Jesse knew he was not imagining the disembodied voice as it replied to his call. "Hallo? Where are you?" it said. “If I knew that, I wouldn’t be lost,” Jesse said clearly as he started to... more
        • He had not really been expecting that whoever-it-was would be able to help him, because that would have been just too convenient, but still Anssi couldn't hold back a small, disappointed sigh at... more
          • What's the right question? - Jesse, Sat Apr 21 14:47
            The other person was a student, something like Ankh or Alfie or Antoine but none of those actual names, just another A-starting name that Jesse couldn’t think of right now but he knew that he knew... more
            • It's probably not left - Anssi, Sun Apr 22 21:31
              “Three? Why three?” That was such a specific number. When Anssi was lost, he was lost in a complete way, enough that he didn’t know where he was or how he had gotten there and definitely couldn’t... more
              • *Takes the left path* - Jesse, Wed Apr 25 15:08
                Why three? That seemed a strange point to focus on, however Jesse explained, “That’s how many times I have walked the same part of the passageway. By accident,” he clarified. “I started going one... more
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