Mikael Lundqvist
A partner in... wherever we are
Sun Apr 15, 2018 13:28

"Missä se on?"

The very quiet, very unnecessary question was followed by a less quiet crunch that made him wince. Was there someone else here nearby? Someone who could answer him? ...Nope. Waving his light-rock around showed that it was just a pebble that his sneaker toe had knocked into. He felt relieved, and also disappointed, and then neutral again. A pebble would be about as helpful as another person, anyways. If he couldn't find where he had lost his watch, how would someone else?

Being along in the creepy tunnels was near the bottom of the list of things Anssi had wanted to do today, but he had to try to find his watch. The strap was too big for his wrist and in order to be safe, he had taken it off at the last like-Dueling-Club-except-more-secret meeting before Christmas break, and he had been really careful to leave it on top of a rock that was about eyes-height so he would remember to take it with him. Except then at the end of their meeting, Kit had distracted him and he had forgotten completely. He couldn't even remember how exactly she had distracted him. It was just very easy to be distracted by Kit.

Unfortunately it hadn't been until he was back at home with Pappa and Mamma that he realized his watch was missing. It had been a gift, a watch that Pappa made special for him, and Mamma had picked out the pumpkin-orange leather strap with little stars pressed in, and he was sure that they would be very disappointed in him for losing it. So he had hidden his wrists all of break - which was actually very hard, because Christmas in Texas wasn't at all like in Sweden and he had to make up excuses for wearing long-sleeves jumpers. Mamma had finally taken his temperature and he was hot enough she said that meant he was sick and made him stay in bed all weekend. It was very uncomfortable for Anssi. And he knew he could ask Ruben for help, but he didn't want his big brother to know how badly he had messed up, and he could ask Dagny instead but she didn't even go to RMI, and that was why he was going alone through the tunnels.

Anssi had thought he'd known how to get to the cave-y part where they met last time, but enough long long minutes had gone past that he was starting to think that just because he had followed Ruben there once or twice didn't mean he actually knew the way to go for himself. "Missääää?" he whined quietly, looking between the choice of tunnels now in front of him. Where was it?

Then a voice came out from somewhere. Anssi yelped, a garbled "Ah!", and dropped his light-rock in the surprise of it all. It was lucky that Dagny was so good at magic, because the light flickered a bit when it fell but then went back to its normal, steady, slightly blue glow. He went to his knees to scoop it back up and, cradling the smooth rock between both hands now, glanced worriedly between the two options. Left or right? Or maybe even behind him? "Hallo?" he tried hesitantly. "Where are you?"

  • Finding myself lost - Jesse Keller, Thu Apr 12 15:46
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    • A partner in... wherever we are - Mikael Lundqvist, Sun Apr 15 13:28
      • This place that is here - Jesse, Tue Apr 17 10:10
        This time Jesse knew he was not imagining the disembodied voice as it replied to his call. "Hallo? Where are you?" it said. “If I knew that, I wouldn’t be lost,” Jesse said clearly as he started to... more
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          • What's the right question? - Jesse, Sat Apr 21 14:47
            The other person was a student, something like Ankh or Alfie or Antoine but none of those actual names, just another A-starting name that Jesse couldn’t think of right now but he knew that he knew... more
            • It's probably not left - Anssi, Sun Apr 22 21:31
              “Three? Why three?” That was such a specific number. When Anssi was lost, he was lost in a complete way, enough that he didn’t know where he was or how he had gotten there and definitely couldn’t... more
              • *Takes the left path* - Jesse, Wed Apr 25 15:08
                Why three? That seemed a strange point to focus on, however Jesse explained, “That’s how many times I have walked the same part of the passageway. By accident,” he clarified. “I started going one... more
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