That answers a question, but not the right one
Wed Apr 18, 2018 19:15

He had not really been expecting that whoever-it-was would be able to help him, because that would have been just too convenient, but still Anssi couldn't hold back a small, disappointed sigh at their answer. Of course the only other person he had come across in the tunnels was also lost. Was there even anyone at RMI who wouldn't get lost down here? ...if it even counted as down in the first place? He had entered sideways, from next to a strangely grumpy portrait in a hallway past the dining hall (having apologized to the portrait first), and there hadn't been much of a downward feeling as he walked. Though to be honest, he had been paying most of his attention to what was around him and not what was under his feet.

Anssi was surprised for the second time in a row when a light suddenly appeared from around the corner, almost exactly where he had just been staring. He yelped again, recovering faster this turn around. Holding his light-rock with just one hand now, the blonde used his freed knuckles to scrub at his eyes, which had started tearing immediately after being hit in the face with the other boy's bright wand. (He assumed it was wandlight they were using and not just a rock. Not that his rock was less-than, because really it was amazing what Dagny had done, but it was a hazier, feathery light instead of the focused beam that he had been on the receiving end of and was the reason for the spots now on his watery vision.)

"I do not know if I am lost," he answered slowly, attention still diverted to fixing his eyes, "but my watch is lost. Is it being much time that you were here? Have you seen my watch?" It didn't seem very likely, for the same reason as before: too convenient, and even if the other boy had seen it, there would almost definitely be a Catch, jut like when things went perfectly in movies until a Catch caught up to the movie hero. It could be a small Catch, for example that his watch had been found but the other boy hadn't picked it up, or a bigger Catch, like he found it but the way he found it was by stepping on it. And if that was what had happened, Anssi didn’t want to know about it. It was better for his watch to be missing indefinitely, and open up the possible happier ending of it finding a new owner months or even years away, than for it to be not missing but definitely broken. Blinking, he discovered that he could see again, the blinding white spot having gone away. “Oh, Jesse, it is you!”

  • This place that is here - Jesse, Tue Apr 17 10:10
    This time Jesse knew he was not imagining the disembodied voice as it replied to his call. "Hallo? Where are you?" it said. “If I knew that, I wouldn’t be lost,” Jesse said clearly as he started to... more
    • That answers a question, but not the right one - Anssi, Wed Apr 18 19:15
      • What's the right question? - Jesse, Sat Apr 21 14:47
        The other person was a student, something like Ankh or Alfie or Antoine but none of those actual names, just another A-starting name that Jesse couldn’t think of right now but he knew that he knew... more
        • It's probably not left - Anssi, Sun Apr 22 21:31
          “Three? Why three?” That was such a specific number. When Anssi was lost, he was lost in a complete way, enough that he didn’t know where he was or how he had gotten there and definitely couldn’t... more
          • *Takes the left path* - Jesse, Wed Apr 25 15:08
            Why three? That seemed a strange point to focus on, however Jesse explained, “That’s how many times I have walked the same part of the passageway. By accident,” he clarified. “I started going one... more
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