It's probably not left
Sun Apr 22, 2018 21:31

“Three? Why three?” That was such a specific number. When Anssi was lost, he was lost in a complete way, enough that he didn’t know where he was or how he had gotten there and definitely couldn’t tell you how many times he had wandered around. Admittedly he wasn’t lost very much, since he almost always had family or friends around and it was harder to get lost when you were with someone else. The last time he could remember being properly lost was when Pappa pointed him down the bakery aisle and told him to pick out a loaf of bread, and then the next thing he knew, he’d followed the bags of bread around the corner to cheeses and somehow only managed to stop when he noticed cereal boxes with Spider-Man on them. Except despite cereal going with milk and milk going with cheese, he hadn’t been able to find milk anywhere in sight of the cereal, nor could he remember how many aisles it had been since leaving dairy.

When you were properly lost like that, it usually made the most sense to just freeze and look out for your Pappa or whoever else you had been with previously to go past again. He still wasn’t sure whether he was lost right now, largely because the secret tunnels were so dark and quiet that he never knew where he was in them, not even when Ruben was right in front holding his hand. However, this was one place that freezing in spot didn’t make sense as a helpful thing to do. The only people likely to go past were, well, not people, he supposed. Kit’s spider-pet (which was something very different from Spider-Man) was probably the most likely to be here, except that would require Kit to also be here and he didn’t think Kit was here right now because if she was, they would already know she was. Kit was good at making it obvious that she existed nearby. It was almost as good a skill as Anssi’s own carefully-practiced not-existing-nearby skill, though he hadn’t felt the need to practice it again since coming to RMI. It was a much friendlier school than he was used to.

“Yes, I am seeing okay now. I was blind from your wand - but that is okay,” he repeated, smiling what he hoped was a reassuring smile. “It was only a short blind.” The other Draco made a very logical argument against continuing to look for his watch, logical enough that Anssi’s blueish rock-lit smile turned into a little frown. “Joo, you are right, it is almost a good time to eat. I guess I feel hungry also.” He hadn’t realized that until right now. That was inconvenient. But Anssi quickly decided that it was better for them to leave soon and eat, and then he could come back on a fuller belly and keep looking longer. “Do you think we can leave going that way?” he suggested, pointing to the left-side branch in the tunnels ahead. “I thiiiink that is the way closer to the - where my watch maybe is,” oops, he had almost mentioned their secret dueling club. After being invited to join the older kids (well okay Ruben was the one invited, but he’d been invited to join along) it would be so embarrassing if he broke their secret! “And I am not sure the exit is there, but I am less sure it is there,” he continued, finger switched to pointing at the unsure-right right-side branch.

  • What's the right question? - Jesse, Sat Apr 21 14:47
    The other person was a student, something like Ankh or Alfie or Antoine but none of those actual names, just another A-starting name that Jesse couldn’t think of right now but he knew that he knew... more
    • It's probably not left - Anssi, Sun Apr 22 21:31
      • *Takes the left path* - Jesse, Wed Apr 25 15:08
        Why three? That seemed a strange point to focus on, however Jesse explained, “That’s how many times I have walked the same part of the passageway. By accident,” he clarified. “I started going one... more
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