*Takes the left path*
Wed Apr 25, 2018 15:08

Why three? That seemed a strange point to focus on, however Jesse explained, “That’s how many times I have walked the same part of the passageway. By accident,” he clarified. “I started going one direction following these maps,” he waved the referenced items in support of his tale, “but I ended up back in the same place, so I tried to leave it, but then I somehow found myself back there again,” the first year said levely. “Then I heard your voice and hoped you might be able to get me less lost than I seem to be, so I followed it. And then you asked if I’d seen your watch, and I told you I might have walked past it three times,” he concluded his answer by bringing them back to the present moment.

“Sorry,” Jesse said even though Andy said it was okay, because he had not meant to blind the other boy with his wand, and he was sorry, so it felt important to say so. That explained why the older student had been rubbing his eyes when Jesse had first seen him, and Jesse tried to remember for next time than even a very quick shining of his wandlight into someone else’s face in the passageways was not a good idea.

As soon as Amil said he was hungry, Jesse’s stomach gurgled in agreement. He could not, however, agree to any suggestion of which direction might be more helpful either for finding the watch, or for getting the boys out of the corridor and towards food. He had told Anssi he was lost; had he forgotten already? “I don’t know, I’m lost,” Jesse helpfully reminded him. Admittedly of the two of them, Jesse was the person in possession of maps, although as he had already considered, “I don’t think these maps work very well. Lilly-Anna gave them to me,” Jesse said, “but either the corridors have changed since she made them, or maybe they change all the time, or maybe she’d not very good at drawing maps, or maybe I’m not very good at reading maps, or maybe even all of those things,” he outlined, “because I have not found them to be helpful for navigation.”

“I will go whichever way you want to,” he told Aleksi. “I was not getting un-lost before I found you and I won’t get un-hungry until I am un-lost, so maybe if I stay with you I will have a better chance at both.” He was not going to try following Lilly-Anna’s maps any more, at least in this part of the corridors, because if a person kept doing a thing in the same way, they ought not to expect different results. So Jesse set off in the direction that had been first indicated, as being more likely to have a watch. “What sort of watch is it?” Jesse asked as he began walking, his wandlight now aimed along the corridor in front of them. He did not know much about different sorts of watches, except that apparently some existed, because he had once heard his Grandpop talking about ‘a nice sort’ of watch. “And how did you lose it?” Jesse queried. If it was a watch that just fell off your wrist then it was probably not a very good sort. He could not think of a reason to intentionally remove a watch around here.

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    “Three? Why three?” That was such a specific number. When Anssi was lost, he was lost in a complete way, enough that he didn’t know where he was or how he had gotten there and definitely couldn’t... more
    • *Takes the left path* - Jesse, Wed Apr 25 15:08
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