Raja Nazari-Richards
Mope-ity mope mope
Thu May 10, 2018 17:19

Raja kicked a rock. There were plenty of loose rocks on the ground for kicking in the secret passageways. Or maybe they were chunks of bricks from the walls. Were these walls bricks? Meh. Who knew. Who cared, really.

“Meh” was actually a pretty good way to put it. Raja felt pretty “meh” lately. RMI was supposed to be this big great adventure, but here he was, blending in with the woodwork. Or brickwork. Maybe he’d over-romanticized the place because his parents and his godparents loved it so much, but the third year had expected to have a lot more fun. Quidditch was fun, and he considered his teammates to be friends, but he felt pretty bored and lonely a lot.

He had Teal, too, but that was a whole other thing. He still really liked her, but she definitely didn’t really like him. Not the same way, at least. So that sucked. It was really good that she seemed happy with whatever she had going on with Marley, but for him, it sucked.

He kicked another rock into the corridor ahead of him, but he was surprised to hear it make a noise that didn’t sound like it had hit a wall. More like… something fleshier. A person maybe? It was pretty dark up there, so he couldn’t tell from the distance. “Uh, sorry about that!” he apologized just in case.

    • Nopity nope nope - Andrew Tennant, Wed May 23 14:33
      By now, Drew was familiar enough with the passageways that he didn’t need to light his wand to find his way to the self-defense club meeting. Unfortunately it meant he had walked into three... more
      • ...Flopity flope flope? (Nailed it) - Raja, Thu May 31 16:05
        Oh! It was Drew Tennant. Raja liked him - which made him feel extra bad for apparently hitting him with a rock, albeit accidentally - so he was pretty glad to see him. He wasn’t sure they were really ... more
        • You did your best - Drew, Sun Jun 3 12:38
          “Don’t worry about it,” Drew said, shrugging. That little rock wasn’t going to leave a bruise or anything. Plus Drew was on his way to self-defense club, where he would probably get hexed—they had... more
          • Don't patronize me - Raja, Wed Jun 13 20:24
            “ Darby. ” Oh. Raja reacted visibly, with a slight jar backwards. Drew was looking for Kit Kendrick…. and her tarantula. The Aquila was by no means afraid of spiders - of course not! - and in fact... more
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