Andrew Tennant
Nopity nope nope
Wed May 23, 2018 14:33

By now, Drew was familiar enough with the passageways that he didn’t need to light his wand to find his way to the self-defense club meeting. Unfortunately it meant he had walked into three spiderwebs so far, but that was no big deal. Spiders didn’t bother Drew so much anymore now that he’d had a whole year of Kit carrying Darby practically everywhere.

The self-defense club was supposed to be doing this thing where they all came to the meeting from different entrances at slightly different times. Drew could admit that it would look a little suspicious for half the second and third years plus Ruben to duck behind the waterfall all at once, but he also didn’t think that they needed to stagger it out so much. Still, since Claudia had almost gotten everyone in trouble with his dad, Drew was willing to be super careful about keeping self-defense club a secret.

He didn’t want anything to get in the way of the club. Granted he wasn’t totally sure about learning some of the magic Ruben was teaching them. For example, Drew didn’t really want to learn spells that could seriously or permanently hurt someone else. If you were being attacked, magic could offer a lot of other ways to stop your attacker than by hurting them. But it was obvious to Drew that Ruben didn’t know the meaning of restraint, so he clearly wasn’t going to feel the same way. That was fine. Actually it was probably good to have a club sponsor who didn’t agree with Drew on everything, because that way he’d learn more.

He was thinking about that when a rock flew out of a side passage and hit him in the shin. His first impulse was to draw his wand, which he did, and go down that corridor. After all the stuff with Dade and Claudia, Drew was on his guard, especially when he was walking alone in a dark passageway. It would’ve helped if he had a lumos variant that worked like a hand of glory and only gave light to the person who had cast it, because it wouldn't give him away if the light was only for him. Drew didn’t know a spell like that, though, so instead he just muttered “Lumos,” lighting his wand to reveal Raja Nazari-Richards.

Drew knew Raja. His parents were friends with Dad because they used to work at RMI. So it made sense that he would know about the passageways and be there sometimes, but it was inconvenient for Drew to run into him right now. Drew would have to make something up if Raja asked where he was going, or go somewhere different and be late for the meeting if the older boy tried to join him. “It’s fine. Hey, Raja,” Drew said. What was Raja doing here? “Going somewhere, or just… hanging out in the dark?”

  • Mope-ity mope mope - Raja Nazari-Richards, Thu May 10 17:19
    Raja kicked a rock. There were plenty of loose rocks on the ground for kicking in the secret passageways. Or maybe they were chunks of bricks from the walls. Were these walls bricks? Meh. Who knew.... more
    • Nopity nope nope - Andrew Tennant, Wed May 23 14:33
      • ...Flopity flope flope? (Nailed it) - Raja, Thu May 31 16:05
        Oh! It was Drew Tennant. Raja liked him - which made him feel extra bad for apparently hitting him with a rock, albeit accidentally - so he was pretty glad to see him. He wasn’t sure they were really ... more
        • You did your best - Drew, Sun Jun 3 12:38
          “Don’t worry about it,” Drew said, shrugging. That little rock wasn’t going to leave a bruise or anything. Plus Drew was on his way to self-defense club, where he would probably get hexed—they had... more
          • Don't patronize me - Raja, Wed Jun 13 20:24
            “ Darby. ” Oh. Raja reacted visibly, with a slight jar backwards. Drew was looking for Kit Kendrick…. and her tarantula. The Aquila was by no means afraid of spiders - of course not! - and in fact... more
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