...Flopity flope flope? (Nailed it)
Thu May 31, 2018 16:05

Oh! It was Drew Tennant. Raja liked him - which made him feel extra bad for apparently hitting him with a rock, albeit accidentally - so he was pretty glad to see him. He wasn’t sure they were really close enough to be called friends, but they did talk here and there, and their parents were Christmas card sending type adult friends. Which was weird, really, but his mom was weird like that. She went from “I will literally kick your ass” to “would you like some cookies?” in like zero point two seconds. Which was why she was unofficially banned from the PTA at his former elementary school.

He gave a weak smile at Drew’s inquiry. “Just taking a stroll in a quiet place,” he answered with a shrug. Admittedly, it probably did seem weird, the fact that he was just walking around in the dark. The idea of traveling by wand light had somehow escaped him. Maybe it wasn’t dramatic enough for his bad mood. “And kicking rocks, I guess,” he added with half of a laugh that ended with a slightly more serious, “Again, sorry about that.”

“What about you?” the Aquila returned with polite interest. “Out on an adventure?” His phrasing was mostly in jest, because anything Drew did that one would label an adventure was probably so labeled by (and therefore included) Kit Kendrick, Marissa’s literal firecracker of a little sister. But Drew was all alone. Which was weird, because he had friends. Huh.

  • Nopity nope nope - Andrew Tennant, Wed May 23 14:33
    By now, Drew was familiar enough with the passageways that he didn’t need to light his wand to find his way to the self-defense club meeting. Unfortunately it meant he had walked into three... more
    • ...Flopity flope flope? (Nailed it) - Raja, Thu May 31 16:05
      • You did your best - Drew, Sun Jun 3 12:38
        “Don’t worry about it,” Drew said, shrugging. That little rock wasn’t going to leave a bruise or anything. Plus Drew was on his way to self-defense club, where he would probably get hexed—they had... more
        • Don't patronize me - Raja, Wed Jun 13 20:24
          “ Darby. ” Oh. Raja reacted visibly, with a slight jar backwards. Drew was looking for Kit Kendrick…. and her tarantula. The Aquila was by no means afraid of spiders - of course not! - and in fact... more
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