You did your best
Sun Jun 3, 2018 12:38

“Don’t worry about it,” Drew said, shrugging. That little rock wasn’t going to leave a bruise or anything. Plus Drew was on his way to self-defense club, where he would probably get hexed—they had moved from just shooting spells at a moving target (Kit) to practice duels with each other and Drew was not as good at dodging or Shield Charms as he would need to be if he wanted to never get hit.

Raja was apparently just hanging out in ththe passageways, which was… not the number one place in the school to hang out as far as Drew was concerned. “What about you? Out on an adventure?

Aw crap. “Yup,” Drew said, but that sounded a little too inviting. You didn’t want to make an excuse too complicated, because more details meant more opportunities for the other person to challenge you. The downside was that Raja might ask if he could join him, especially since Raja wasn’t going anywhere in particular.

Drew considered his options. He could pretend that he was going the direction that Raja was coming from. Normally that would work because people wouldn’t double back. Drew knew the passageways better than almost anyone at RMI (not bragging, just true, because he had grown up here) and he was pretty sure if he went that way, he could get to the rock wall exit (Drew had come in through the entrance near Toby’s office), and then head to the rec center and come back in through there. The problem was that Raja seemed to just be wandering, so he could easily decide that he was happy to backtrack if he wanted to hang out with someone.

What would make Raja want to not come? “Darby,” Drew said. He wasn’t sure if Raja was one of the students who didn’t enjoy Darby’s company, but it felt like a safe bet. “I’m looking for Kit and Darby.” Kit and Darby would be at self-defense club meeting, so it was technically true, and if they ran into them the story would make sense. Plus if Raja wanted a quiet place to take a walk, he definitely wouldn’t want to come on an expedition to find Kit.

  • ...Flopity flope flope? (Nailed it) - Raja, Thu May 31 16:05
    Oh! It was Drew Tennant. Raja liked him - which made him feel extra bad for apparently hitting him with a rock, albeit accidentally - so he was pretty glad to see him. He wasn’t sure they were really ... more
    • You did your best - Drew, Sun Jun 3 12:38
      • Don't patronize me - Raja, Wed Jun 13 20:24
        “ Darby. ” Oh. Raja reacted visibly, with a slight jar backwards. Drew was looking for Kit Kendrick…. and her tarantula. The Aquila was by no means afraid of spiders - of course not! - and in fact... more
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