Don't patronize me
Wed Jun 13, 2018 20:24



Raja reacted visibly, with a slight jar backwards. Drew was looking for Kit Kendrick…. and her tarantula. The Aquila was by no means afraid of spiders - of course not! - and in fact had held up his fair share of daddy long legs by one leg to ask “which way will the cows come home?” (an old person game from before anything fun was invented, taught to him by Grandpa Shepard). The problem with Darby was just that he was… well, he was getting big. And hairy. He’d always been hairy, but it hadn’t been so bad when he was smaller. Something about Darby’s current size and magnitude of hairiness just made Raja uneasy.

“I see,” said Raja unevenly, pulling at the edge of his shirt nervously as he attempted (and failed) to force a calmer expression. Unfortunately, he wasn’t much of an actor. It was a good thing he was good at tech stuff, or he would have been completely useless to Drew’s dad and the theatre department, and Raja’s mom had been pretty insistent that he had to make himself useful to Garen. “Well, uh, if you want, I could walk with you. Just until you find them. Honestly, I’m pretty bored.”

  • You did your best - Drew, Sun Jun 3 12:38
    “Don’t worry about it,” Drew said, shrugging. That little rock wasn’t going to leave a bruise or anything. Plus Drew was on his way to self-defense club, where he would probably get hexed—they had... more
    • Don't patronize me - Raja, Wed Jun 13 20:24
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