Madeleine Tennant
Clueing for Looks
Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:48

A few weeks into Drew’s third year at RMI/Marissa’s first year at college, Madeleine realized that she hadn’t seen Mr. Shifty around since the summer.

She’d eventually asked her dad if he had seen the poltergeist, and he had very reluctantly explained that because of the pranks this past year (like all the lights being green and the fish in the rec center pool), Mr. Shifty was going to stay in the passageways this term. Madeleine said that Mr. Shifty probably wouldn’t want to do that because he liked being around people, and Dad said that that was what Toby had decided and that there would be magic to keep him in the passageways.

Madeleine Paige Tennant was very angry about that.

To start with, it wasn’t like anything bad had happened because of the pranks. In fact Madeleine had had a nice morning eating pancakes with Mr. Professor Boot, who told her all about goblin wars until she said she didn’t want to hear about any wars please, and didn’t he know any stories about happy people doing nice things? And then he told her about the Fairy Friendships of 1917 until she told him she was ready to go back home now, and it was good. Besides, Mr. Shifty Eyes belonged at the school just as much as any of the students or staff, and he had been here way longer than Toby. Even more because RMI was the poltergeist’s only home. He was born here and he had only ever lived here, just like Madeleine.

Madeleine didn’t think she was good enough at magic to break the spells that were keeping Shifty in the passageways, but she could at least go find him and keep him company. Leading an expedition in the passageways was harder than you might think when you were only nine years old and didn’t have a wand. If she had a wand she thought she could cast lumos to light her way, but Dad said she had to wait to get a wand until she was eleven like everyone else. So instead she had taken the scepter from her room. Aaron-Dad had charmed the orb at the end of the scepter to glow so that it could be her nightlight. Madeleine wasn’t actually afraid of the dark anymore now that she was nine, but sometimes she wanted to stay up past her bedtime to read, and her parents would notice if she kept her nightstand lamp on. The scepter worked almost as good except that it was difficult to hide under her covers.

For the mission, Madeleine had put on her Nancy Drew-est outfit, which was a white blouse with a plaid brown skirt and Mary Janes over knee-high socks. She also put on the special bow that Remington had helped her make when she visited over the summer. It had lots of ribbons with different colors (it was red and yellow and green and brown and blue) and patterns (mostly dots) and curls, and there were sequins too, and right in the middle of the bow there was a white spiral seashell with even more ribbons coming out of it. And she was also wearing her magnifying glass necklace in case there were any clues she needed to look at up close.

So Madeleine found herself in the passageways on a weekday afternoon, guiding herself by her gently-glowing scepter. “Hello? Mr. Shifty? It’s me, Madeleine!” she called out to her poltergeist friend. “Are you there?”

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