Hunter Ioma
Rounding a Look
Tue Jul 24, 2018 18:41

Hunter was confused. More than usual. When he had gone looking for the secret passageways he had trouble finding them. This time he had just been trying to get back to the Lyra common room to grab a book he forgot and suddenly here he was! Not only did he have no idea how he had wound up in the secret passageways, but he didn’t seem to be able to find his way out, either. He hadn’t been this lost since his first year.

He really hoped the passageways weren’t mad at him for blowing them up a little bit. That would be less than ideal.

He had tried apologizing, obviously, but he wasn’t sure the secret passageways spoke English. He’d have to find some way to make it up to them. Maybe he’d try bring them some… mortar, or something? For now though he was just hoping they didn’t send any monsters at him or anything. He was pretty handy with a wand, but he wasn’t sure he could win a fight against the secret passageways. How would you even fight a secret passageway? Just to be safe he was being careful to turn corners with his lit wand pointing forward.

“Are you there?”

Hunter muttered “Nox!” under his breath to extinguish his wand and ducked back behind the previous corner. Then he mentally kicked himself. Obviously if there were some sort of horrible secret monster thing it would be able to see in the dark, so putting his wand out only put him at a disadvantage.

Muttering “Lumos!” to light his wand again Hunter spun around the corner as quickly as he could, his wand pointed straight ahead.

Hunter found himself pointing his wand at a little girl. He was pretty sure she wasn’t a student, she was much too short, but she did look familiar. Were the secret passageways trying to mess with him? He hadn’t seen whatever movie it was the super scary little girl or twin girls or whatever it was but he definitely knew little girls could be scary.

This one definitely didn’t look scary, though. In fact she had a bow that looked like it could have been one of Remi’s. Hunter lowered his wand so he wasn’t pointing it right at her but kept it lit, although the little girl had a pretty cool magic light of her own.

“I’ve seen you around, right? I’m Hunter. Are the passageways mad at you, too?”

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