That’s enough looks
Thu Jul 26, 2018 14:00

All of a sudden, someone jumped out at her from behind a corner and Madeleine gasped and leapt back. She was scared and she couldn’t see who it was because he was holding a wand with a very bright light, so she grasped her scepter with both hands instead of just one and swung it like a bat to whack him. But because she’d backed up the scepter missed, and by the time she would’ve been ready to swing again she could see that the person who had jumped out was just an RMI student, so she didn’t try hit him a second time.

Her heart was still pounding a fast ba-bum-ba-bum-ba-bum and Madeleine took a couple of big deep breaths to make it calm down. Madeleine liked doing breathing exercises, like when she was practising singing and she had to inhale for a little bit and then hold her breath for a little bit and then breathe out for as long as she possibly could until it felt like all the air had gone out of her lungs. That was her favorite one because she always felt really refreshed and calm afterwards, like all of the air she was breathing was brand new.

By the time Madeleine was finished taking her deep breaths, the RMI student had introduced himself. “The passageways aren’t mad at me,” Madeleine said, and then, to explain that the passageways would never be mad at her because RMI was her home, she continued, “I live here.” The school had a life of its own, but it was a friendly place. Hunter must have done something really bad if RMI itself was mad at him.

Then again, she wasn’t super happy with him herself either. “You scared me, Hunter,” she added reproachfully. Didn’t he know it wasn’t nice to go sneaking around corners and jumping out at people? Especially when you were in a dark spiderwebby place? Madeleine wasn’t scared of the dark or of any part of the school, but she didn’t like getting startled. “My name is Madeleine,” she said, with a little half curtsey. “I’m looking for Mr. Shifty Eyes, the poltergeist. What are you doing here?”

  • Rounding a Look - Hunter Ioma, Tue Jul 24 18:41
    Hunter was confused. More than usual. When he had gone looking for the secret passageways he had trouble finding them. This time he had just been trying to get back to the Lyra common room to grab a... more
    • That’s enough looks - Madeleine, Thu Jul 26 14:00
      • Not from where I'm looking - Hunter, Sat Jul 28 13:35
        “The passageways aren’t mad at me, I live here.” Hunter cocked his head to one side. She lived in the secret passageways? That seemed a little strange, but ok. Maybe she’d know a good way to... more
        • Look a little bit closer - Madeleine, Tue Jul 31 21:02
          Madeleine knew where the Lyra Common Room was—after all, she had helped Dad give the tour to the firsties last year!—but even with all her exploring, she had never had to go to the Lyra Common Room.... more
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