Not from where I'm looking
Sat Jul 28, 2018 13:35

“The passageways aren’t mad at me, I live here.”

Hunter cocked his head to one side. She lived in the secret passageways? That seemed a little strange, but ok. Maybe she’d know a good way to apologize to the passageways for blowing them up. He’d have to remember to ask her about that later.

“I’m looking for Mr. Shifty Eyes, the poltergeist. What are you doing here?”

Hunter raised his eyebrows at the pointedness of the question. Maybe she was mad at him too? She did live in the passageways, after all. Maybe the explosion had disturbed her in some way?

“I’m a little bit lost, actually,” he admitted. “I was going back to Lyra to grab a book I forgot and somehow wound up in here.”

“Sorry for scaring you,” he went on. “I was worried the passageways were out to get me. I still am, actually.” He turned around to face the way he had come, the direction Madeleine had been going, and raised his wand again. “I accidentally blew them up a little bit last year, and then I couldn’t find them earlier when I was looking and now when I wasn’t looking I’m lost.” He turned his head to look at Madeleine. “I never get lost in the passageways. Well, not for long, anyway.” He shrugged and faced forward again. “I was afraid you might be a monster or something.”

He ran the light from his wand around the corridor they were in. Not many people went looking for Shifty, but that didn’t bother Hunter. He hadn’t seen Shifty since getting back, he wouldn’t mind saying hello to him. “It shouldn’t be too hard to find Shifty, though. I’ve run into him a bunch of times in here. Yo, Shifty!” he bellowed out as loudly as he could. “You there?”

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    • Not from where I'm looking - Hunter, Sat Jul 28 13:35
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