Look a little bit closer
Tue Jul 31, 2018 21:02

Madeleine knew where the Lyra Common Room was—after all, she had helped Dad give the tour to the firsties last year!—but even with all her exploring, she had never had to go to the Lyra Common Room. There was a passageway that connected to the admin quarters near where Madeleine and her family lived, and from it you could get to the rock wall and the rec center and the library, as far as Madeleine knew, and that was all the places she liked to go not counting the theater. Madeleine didn’t mind walking the normal way to the theater because it was pretty close to the staff quarters, and also because when she walked in the hallways she might see Drew or Kit or Dade or Emmett or Remy or Tycho or Sadie, her student friends and family, and that was always fun. It was sad that Emmett would graduate by the time she was a student (Jennyanydots and Cocoa Puff got along so well! Who was Madeleine’s puffskein going to play with once they weren’t at RMI anymore?) but at least all her other friends would still be here two years from now!

“I’m not a monster,” she said, and giggled, because it was funny to think about being a monster. Madeleine never got lost in the passageways either. It was uncanny. If one didn’t know better, one might think it were almost as though the school’s passageways rearranged themselves so that Madeleine Paige Tennant, who had lived at RMI for every single one of her thirty-eight-hundred-some days, always reached where she wanted to go in the quickest way possible.

Hunter’s call for Mr. Shifty echoed a bit in the stone walls of the passageways. The poltergeist didn’t appear. Madeleine felt worried, and a little bit like crying. It wasn’t like Mr. Shifty to disappear like this. He liked to be right in the middle of everything. Maybe he was doing a really long-term prank? But even if that was true Madeleine hoped thought he would include her in something like that. Madeleine didn’t like all pranks but she liked ones that were funny and didn’t make anyone feel bad. Like the switching doors one! All that had happened was she got to spend a nice morning with Professor Boot. That wasn’t a bad thing.

“My dad says there’s magic so Mr. Shifty will stay in the passageways this year because of all the things that went wrong last year,” Madeleine said. She started walking, and took Hunter’s free hand in hers so that he would follow. She knew where she was going. “But I don’t want him to get lonely, so I came to visit him. Only I can’t find him.” She didn’t know why Mr. Shifty wouldn’t come now. Maybe she and Hunter weren’t calling loud enough? Madeleine didn’t know how big the passageways were, but the administrative quarters (where she had come in) was pretty far away from

“Usually when I,” and then a lump formed in her throat and Madeleine couldn’t make any sound, not even a little bit, until she swallowed and cleared her throat. “Usually when I call he comes right away.” Usually she didn’t have to call—Mr. Shifty would just show up and then they had adventures sometimes. Dad said he was like her Cat in the Hat. “We have to find him,” she told Hunter, looking at him imploringly with her gray-green eyes. “We just have to.”

  • Not from where I'm looking - Hunter, Sat Jul 28 13:35
    “The passageways aren’t mad at me, I live here.” Hunter cocked his head to one side. She lived in the secret passageways? That seemed a little strange, but ok. Maybe she’d know a good way to... more
    • Look a little bit closer - Madeleine, Tue Jul 31 21:02
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