Andrew Tennant
You rang?
Mon Oct 29, 2018 23:49

Drew had been over at his family’s suite playing Animated Scrabble with Madeleine when his bag made the little shhh sound that meant he’d gotten a message from Remington. (He’d picked shhh! for the noise his message paper made to notify him because he figured that if it went off in class, anyone who overheard it would just assume that someone was shushing someone else. The downside was that now Drew wanted to check his paper every time someone got shushed, even when it was real, but so far he hadn’t gotten caught so he was calling it a success.)

As soon as he read Remington’s message, Drew knew that something was up. Usually they used the message papers she’d enchanted to schedule the next self-defense club meeting, or plan a time to work on Rocky Voices stuff together, or talk about whatever was going on in the school. Drew had never seen her send a message like this, where she said she really needed someone and didn’t explain why.

He apologized to Madeleine and said he had to go because Remy needed his help with something. Madeleine had looked a little sad, but she didn’t try to convince her brother not to leave. She’d just said to say hi to Remington (Madeleine also said he should bring Remington over to play Scrabble because Remy was probably better at it than Drew was, which was probably true but not important). Drew took the passageway from the admin quarters, which wasn’t super close to where he was supposed to meet Remy, but the odds of him getting delayed by running into another friend were pretty low in the passageways. Not zero, because a lot of his friends knew about the passageways, but still low compared to outside in the normal hallways.

Even though he’d been sure something seriously weird was going on, arriving to find Remington sitting on the floor crying shocked him like he’d been flying his broom through a thunderstorm while wearing a suit of armor. Worse still, she started crying even more once she said hi to him. “S-sorry, I know you were probably—probably hanging out with—doing something more important.

Drew so stunned by the fact that Remington was crying that he couldn’t think of a single response to her comment. How could he not be here if she was this upset? “No way,” he said, “this is the most important place I could be.” Drew sat down on the floor next to her and put his arm around her shoulders to comfort her. “What happened? Do I need to beat someone up for you?” It was supposed to be a joke, but if she said yes, Drew would at least think about it. It just depended on who it was. He wouldn’t mind the chance to punch Connor again, for instance.

  • Really needing a friend [TAG Drew] - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 29 19:44
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    • You rang? - Andrew Tennant, Mon Oct 29 23:49
      • Ring ring! - Remington, Tue Oct 30 12:42
        When Remington was upset at home, her parents had different ways of comforting her. Her mom was all about distractions. Sudoku, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles. They’d sit down at the folding table in... more
        • What’s the tale, nightingale? - Drew, Thu Nov 1 23:31
          In his three years as a student at RMI, Drew had complained about random strangers suddenly tearing up after revealing personal things to him without prompting. That had been weird, and he was glad... more
          • I definitely did not get pinned - Remington, Sun Nov 4 20:24
            Why was Drew so good? Remington knew quite a bit about her friend’s upbringing. It was both completely non-traditional and goals at the same time. Lots of love, lots of trust, great family... more
            • Was he too shy? - Drew, Tue Nov 6 22:24
              Remington didn’t even try to hide how much she didn’t believe Drew. Usually when he got something wrong, Remington would just roll her eyes at him and smile a little bit and then say something like,... more
              • I'll just disconnect the phone - Remington, Fri Nov 9 20:49
                It wasn’t that Remington genuinely thought she was an idiot. All around, she knew she wasn’t. She was super smart. Something about this just… made her feel terrible. It genuinely seemed like... more
                • Have it your way - Drew, Sun Nov 11 16:41
                  All of Drew’s internal sirens were going off, and he was not having a good time. Not that he had been having anything even remotely resembling a good time since finding Remington in the passageways,... more
                  • Getting off the grid - Remington, Mon Nov 19 11:04
                    Drew pointed out that Kit absolutely was not the person to measure normalcy against, and she couldn’t help but laugh and make a face at him. Point taken. It still felt weird that Kit was experiencing ... more
                    • To your underground bunker? - Drew, Sun Nov 25 19:03
                      Seeing that his joke had landed and made Remington laugh, Drew’s smile broadened. It was an awesome feeling, being able to cheer up one of your best friends when she was really sad. Drew was still a... more
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