I'll just disconnect the phone
Fri Nov 9, 2018 20:49

It wasn’t that Remington genuinely thought she was an idiot. All around, she knew she wasn’t. She was super smart. Something about this just… made her feel terrible. It genuinely seemed like something was wrong with her. Look at Drew. He had a great relationship and was probably the textbook guy to want to be with. If she was in a novel, Drew would be the person she was supposed to go after. Or the person who was supposed to go for her. He didn’t, though. He went for Darlene, which was fine, and Remington went for… what?

Nothing about Malachi screamed Romantic or Dateable. He was a pompous smartass who was fun to debate, but that was about it. What would her dad say about her crying over the actions of a blonde haired, blue eyed teenage boy from a rich pureblood family? Well, he wouldn’t have much to say about the pureblood part, but he’d have plenty of commentary for the rest of the traits. Anything working out between the two of them would be completely far fetched, and she knew that. It was almost as if the Draco had set herself up for failure.

Still, she didn’t expect him to just not show up.

If she knew anything about Malachi, and it was very little, he probably found something better to do. He was always looking for the best opportunities, and she wasn’t it. She dodged a curse, obviously, but she was still crying. She just wanted to stop. Crying in front of anyone already sucked. Her face got all puffy, her nose runny, and sometimes she even got the hiccups. Thankfully, with all her bad luck of the night, she didn’t seem to have hiccups yet. Crying in front of Drew was awful enough; she didn’t want to be stuck between sobs and sounds that made her sound like a deflating squeaky toy.

Drew’s insistence that she looked amazing was possibly the least believable thing he was saying, but it was sweet for him to say so. Even though it was a lie, she thought there were worse tales he could spin. There were worse things he could do.

“I know, I know. I’m super smart and thoughtful,” she repeated, adjusting her body against Drew’s when he shifted slightly. He probably wasn’t super comfortable sitting on the floor, which was her fault. There were couches. She could have chosen to sit on one of those instead of doing the dramatic self-pity move of sitting on the dirty passageways floor. She pulled away enough to wipe her face with the back of her hand, further smudging her unprotected makeup all over her cheeks. “I can’t even believe I’m sitting here crying over a boy. Me, Remington Burnham, crying over a very white boy that I don’t even like that much! I’m just… Merlin, Drew, I’m so embarrassed.” She’d stopped crying by now, and her sentence ended in a weak laugh. “It’s not like I even want a boyfriend. I just wanted to get it over with. Even Kit is dating; it seemed like something a typical teenager should experience by now. And I know that’s stupid thing to think.”

Remington sighed and moved her head off of Drew’s shoulders and against the wall instead. Brown eyes stared at the ceiling like it might be hiding answers in the dim light. “And yeah, yeah, I’m not stupid, I gotta stop calling myself stupid.”

  • Was he too shy? - Drew, Tue Nov 6 22:24
    Remington didn’t even try to hide how much she didn’t believe Drew. Usually when he got something wrong, Remington would just roll her eyes at him and smile a little bit and then say something like,... more
    • I'll just disconnect the phone - Remington, Fri Nov 9 20:49
      • Have it your way - Drew, Sun Nov 11 16:41
        All of Drew’s internal sirens were going off, and he was not having a good time. Not that he had been having anything even remotely resembling a good time since finding Remington in the passageways,... more
        • Getting off the grid - Remington, Mon Nov 19 11:04
          Drew pointed out that Kit absolutely was not the person to measure normalcy against, and she couldn’t help but laugh and make a face at him. Point taken. It still felt weird that Kit was experiencing ... more
          • To your underground bunker? - Drew, Sun Nov 25 19:03
            Seeing that his joke had landed and made Remington laugh, Drew’s smile broadened. It was an awesome feeling, being able to cheer up one of your best friends when she was really sad. Drew was still a... more
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