Have it your way
Sun Nov 11, 2018 16:41

All of Drew’s internal sirens were going off, and he was not having a good time. Not that he had been having anything even remotely resembling a good time since finding Remington in the passageways, but now he was having a very uncomfortable time. He couldn’t think of anything he could do to fix what was happening, which made it worse. Like, he couldn’t just leave right now, because Remington was still upset and clinging to him and - okay, maybe just don’t think about the clinging part. Focus on the fact that she’s sad.

It was easier when he had her talking to focus on. Any hey, she even made herself laugh. That had to be a good sign. She even made Drew laugh, calling Malachi very white. It was true. Out of all the students at RMI, Malachi was probably tied with Buckley and Connor for whitest. Maybe part of Connor’s White Boyness was because he was British, but on the other hand, neither Malachi nor Buckley had ever (to Drew’s knowledge) asked a biracial person who they’d once called a slur for advice on dating African Americans, so that automatically added a bunch of White Person points to his tally. It was almost hard to believe there were people at RMI who were whiter than Drew’s dad, but there they were, like a trio of Prep School Ken dolls.

Yes, okay, thinking about the fact that Connor Farnon existed made Drew’s problem less.

His laughter quickly turned into an scrunched-nose “ugh don’t remind me” expression when Remington mentioned that Kit was dating. On the one hand, Drew was pretty sure Satveer had been a really positive force in distracting Kit from her rivalry with Darlene. And he seemed to get her Lilo and Stitch obsession (sorry, Kit, but if you’re going to obsess over a Disney movie from that era, Treasure Planet was all kinds of better), which Drew thought was probably a rare trait. At least, Drew had never met anyone else who was as happy to listen to Kit ramble about experiments as Satveer was. But on the other hand, Kit was Drew’s cousin and she was Kit and it was very, very weird to think about her dating anyone. Like, it was almost easier to imagine Madeleine dating.

Nope, lies, it wasn’t. That was also a weird thought. But hey, he could focus better now. “Remy, if you’re looking at Kit as an example of what typical people are supposed to be doing, then maybe you’re not as super smart as you think,” Drew teased her, hoping the joke would make her feel better. “And it could be worse,” Drew reminded Remington. “Connor could have written a love rap for you.” He’d told Remington about the incident as soon as it happened, but Drew couldn’t tell what Connor had done with the information. The Cetus was certain his Housemate would accuse him of lying as soon as Connor made a fool of himself, so he must not have acted on it yet. The suspense was killing Drew.

“But seriously,” he continued, “dating isn’t the kind of thing you should try to get out of the way. It’s supposed to be fun.” Drew definitely had a good time when he was with Darlene. Sure, sometimes he was nervous because he wanted to make sure she had a good time too, but overall he liked having Darlene as his girlfriend. She was sweet, and she was always really supportive when he talked about stuff he liked (even when he could tell she had no idea what he was talking about), and she was so beautiful, too. Drew didn’t want to get stuff over with with Darlene; he wanted to spend a ton of time with her. “It’s not a race. So don’t settle for Malachi if you don’t even like him that much.” Drew said Malachi’s name like it was something gross he’d found in the dirt in Magizoobotany. “Just wait until there’s someone you like enough that you want him to be your boyfriend.”

  • I'll just disconnect the phone - Remington, Fri Nov 9 20:49
    It wasn’t that Remington genuinely thought she was an idiot. All around, she knew she wasn’t. She was super smart. Something about this just… made her feel terrible. It genuinely seemed like... more
    • Have it your way - Drew, Sun Nov 11 16:41
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        Drew pointed out that Kit absolutely was not the person to measure normalcy against, and she couldn’t help but laugh and make a face at him. Point taken. It still felt weird that Kit was experiencing ... more
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          Seeing that his joke had landed and made Remington laugh, Drew’s smile broadened. It was an awesome feeling, being able to cheer up one of your best friends when she was really sad. Drew was still a... more
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