To your underground bunker?
Sun Nov 25, 2018 19:03

Seeing that his joke had landed and made Remington laugh, Drew’s smile broadened. It was an awesome feeling, being able to cheer up one of your best friends when she was really sad. Drew was still a little anxious from a couple of minutes ago, but the problem was gone and Remington didn’t seem like she’d noticed, so that was all okay. There was definitely an upside to her being focused on her own stuff.

I don’t have time for all of this anyway, you know?” Remington said, like someone who definitely had time for something if she wanted it, but wanted to pretend she didn’t want it to save face. That wasn’t normal for her. When Remington didn’t understand something in class, she didn’t give up on it or pretend it wasn’t important. She did research on her own, asked questions, persevered until she was sure she had a handle on something. That was how she had ended up in her fourth year with as many classes as the first through third years had to take. (Next year, Drew wouldn’t make the same mistake. He was going to get his class schedule down to five, tops: Spellwork, Magizoobotany, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, and Divinations. Maybe he would swap out History for Cultural Studies, but he definitely wouldn’t do both.)

Sure, Remington had a lot going on between her classes and clubs, but Drew was pretty sure he did more clubs than she did (they were both involved in Rocky Voices and dueling club and self-defense, but Drew was also on the Cetus Quidditch team, and he always did music for drama club) and he was managing his time enough to date. Things were going great with Darlene - better than they’d ever been, now that she and Kit were getting along. Remington was a total genius: he was sure that she would make time for a boyfriend if she wanted to date. In fact, she would probably make them “His and Hers” color-coded schedules on the message paper she’d created, so she and her boyfriend could link their schedules together. She was only saying she didn’t want to date because Malachi had really messed with her.

But Drew wasn’t in the habit of arguing with his friends when they were upset (after all, he was friends with Dakota), and while he was sure that it wasn’t possible that no one at RMI would be interested in Remington, he didn’t have primary sources for that, so he didn’t disagree with her out loud. “Really? You think your dad’s gonna stop being protective just because you’re in graduate school?” he teased. He had met the Burnhams a couple of times, and Remy’s dad kind of reminded Drew of his own dad. They were both outgoing and kind of dorky about their chosen special interest (although thankfully Dad’s wasn’t as embarrassing as Mr. Burnham’s), so Drew guessed Mr. Burnham had a similar view about his daughter and boys as Garen did (namely: “don’t”).

Unfortunately he couldn’t invite Remington to hang out in the Cetus common room (plus Dakota would probably have an issue and Drew was so not in the mood to get into it right now), and there wasn’t really anywhere else they could go where they wouldn’t run into other people. Remington was too intense in the library or in classrooms, the rec center would probably be busy, and the Quidditch Pitch was too exposed. Drew could get into the theater’s booth, so maybe that would work, or…

“Let’s go to Pearl Street,” Drew suggested. He didn’t think Remington would agree right away, so he quickly added, “You’re supposed to eat ice cream after a breakup, right?” He didn’t know if this counted as a breakup, but based on the teen movies Madeleine liked to watch when Marissa was babysitting them, ice cream was the thing to do if a romantic lead disappointed you. “We can go to Finnigan’s Flavors. Like a friend date.” Which he guessed was just hanging out, but slightly fancier. Well, Drew wasn’t dressed very fancy in his Heartless Nebula t-shirt and jeans, but whatever. “You got all dressed up, it shouldn’t be for nothing.” Her makeup wasn’t too badly smudged to go out in public. A couple of tissues and she’d be good as new.

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    Drew pointed out that Kit absolutely was not the person to measure normalcy against, and she couldn’t help but laugh and make a face at him. Point taken. It still felt weird that Kit was experiencing ... more
    • To your underground bunker? - Drew, Sun Nov 25 19:03
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