So what happens if I claim it too?
Wed Jan 18, 2017 13:33

”Is it spiked?”

Rose shrugged in response. It was Marissa’s party and she knew Marissa had firewhiskey on her, but she wasn’t sure if her roommate had actually gone so far as to spike the punch. Honestly, although she was fully supportive of her roommate’s escapades, the fifth year was a little bit wary about alcohol. It was one of the reasons she hadn’t gone for the punch personally. Well that, and sugar made her feel weird. The mixture of sugar and alcohol was a definite no for her; the only time she’d tried something with a fruity mixer, she’d woken up the next morning with a headache bigger than an Erumpet and just as explosive. Rose had been the crankiest person on the planet that morning. It was fact.

“I know Marissa has firewhiskey,” the blonde began to say to Frankie.

The firewhiskey had been a gift from Marissa’s Aunt Jessie, who had hinted at possibly introducing them to something called ‘dragon scales’ when they were a little older. Rose honestly weren’t sure what that was, but it sounded both cool and a little frightening. That was a good summary of Marissa’s Aunt Jessie though. The woman worked with dragons in South Africa and made the occasional appearance at family functions. Marissa had told her that Jessie like to encourage people to keep dragons as pets, too. To Rose, that sounded like the literal worst idea.

Before Rose could finish her sentence though, Frankie had swung her around and laughed. She grinned and spun back into him before spinning out again. Rose loved to dance. Not in the same way as Marissa, but in the fun way.

“It was definitely a week,” Rose said with a grin at his comment that fifth year had been a cakewalk. It was common knowledge that Frankie Munro could not care less about grades. He was going to go Quidditch pro, it was only a matter of time. Rumor had it that his father had been a pro player and that Frankie had been practically born on a broomstick. “I’m only taking four classes though, can’t be that bad. How about you? What are you even taking?” Rose had no idea. They might have been in mixed classes last year, but honestly she rarely paid attention to the people in her classes unless they were doing partner work, and when they did partner work the Aquila almost always worked with Marissa.

  • “Hey, fancy seeing you here. Have you had any punch yet? Rose Farnon greeted him. Frankie’s smile didn’t diminish seeing the fifth year. In the few interactions, he had with Rose he always liked her. ... more
    • So what happens if I claim it too? - Rose, Wed Jan 18 13:33
      • We'd both be Party Captains! - Frankie, Sat Jan 21 08:11
        Rose had shrugged by his question of the punch being spiked. The seventh year took a mental note to stick to his flask of pumpkin juice. Not knowing what was in it was a sure fire way to keep Frankie ... more
        • Rasnick was for sure a hardass in Defense, Rose agreed with Frankie there. She still took Defense - still liked Defense, but there was no argument about Rasnick. There were the craziest rumors of... more
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