Elijah Carthy
Sometimes, I wonder.
Wed Jan 18, 2017 20:00

It had taken Elijah the better part of the day to convince Camilla to go to the first party of the year with him. Normally, the two didn’t frequent the scene, but for some reason, the male really wanted to go. Chances were it was just a distraction technique to ignore the rough times he was going through, but either way, he wanted his best friend to go with him. In hindsight, maybe they should have just had their own party in the common room.

He’d settled for a plain white v-neck shirt, topped off by a black button down shirt and dark washed jeans, black vans hiding his drab white socks. His hair was a bit untamable, causing him to actually have to gel it back instead of the normal flow that it had. He’d almost put it up, but the man bun persona really didn’t fit his personality. Besides, Camilla might have something to say about it if he tried.

In any case, the male gave up on any last minute touches to his appearance and wandered out to the common room. Thankfully, Camilla appeared a few minutes later and he grinned. They matched, but that seemed to happen pretty frequently. It didn’t bother him that he matched her sometimes, he actually found it amusing. With a goofy smile on his face, he walked beside her until they got to the Passageways.

The normally dim area of the school was lit up and decorated. Elijah had to hand it to Marissa Kendrick for her handiwork. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for the two Ceti to lose each other in the small crowd. The sixth year temporarily felt bad for abandoning Camilla, considering he was the reason she was here. But when he spotted her talking to Danny on the other side of the room, he figured she would be okay. Danny could hold a reasonable conversation when he needed to.

After rolling up the sleeves of his shirt to his elbows, the male wandered around the room. He acquired a cup of punch on one of the laps around the room, finding that it was spiked. Despite the bite of alcohol, Elijah shrugged it off. He was here to have fun, not to be a stickler. Taking another swig of punch, he made another circuit around the passageways, wondering if going was a good idea at all.

  • We'd better get this party started! (Years 4-7) - Marissa Kendrick, Fri Jan 13 19:03
    By now, Marissa was pretty good at throwing parties. She’d tagged along with a couple of former students her first and second year of school, trying hard to figure out exactly how to throw a... more
    • Sometimes, I wonder. - Elijah Carthy, Wed Jan 18 20:00
    • Time to lean against a wall. [Tag: Nick] - Armaan Bansal, Tue Jan 17 04:35
      Armaan had hoped to be the first one to throw a party this term but he wasn’t going to complain about someone else taking the trouble to get one organized. The fact that it was a fellow Aquila... more
      • I'll just do the same, then - Nick Holtz, Wed Jan 18 10:10
        First party of the school year and Nick Holtz was pretty pumped. On the one hand, he was Head Boy and probably shouldn’t be participating in illicit extracurricular activities. On the other hand, he... more
        • Or maybe we could do something else. - Armaan Bansal, Thu Jan 19 20:25
          As Armaan observed the party he couldn’t help but notice the number of fourth-years milling about. It was weird to think that next year his younger sister, Rhiya, would be one of them. She was a pain ... more
          • With or without the wall? - NIck, Fri Jan 20 06:50
            Nick would say that he was subtle at flirting, but realistically he didn’t know that because he had run into only a very few opportunities to flirt. Despite Francine’s best machinations, mostly Nick... more
            • Let's trade the wall for the dance floor. - Armaan Bansal, Mon Jan 23 01:50
              Armaan reached into the bag of chips and came away empty handed. He peered into the bag, shook it gently, and with a shrug scrunched it up and aimed it at a nearby trashcan. The bag bounced off the... more
              • Seems like a fair trade to me - Nick, Mon Jan 23 15:13
                Armaan seemed to be just as welcoming of Nick’s flirting as he was of Armaan’s, which Nick appreciated. Nick definitely didn’t have feelings for Armaan - which was just as well, from what he’d heard... more
                • I'll follow your lead - Armaan, Wed Jan 25 13:04
                  Armaan followed Nick onto the dance floor, weaving his way around other students. It seemed like the room had become even more crowded since Nick had approached him. The high attendance wasn’t that... more
                  • What if I run into that wall? - Nick, Wed Feb 1 17:26
                    Armaan answered Nick’s question, but more importantly the other boy moved closer to him and Nick felt himself flush. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable, it was just that he was all of a sudden very... more
                    • Armaan’s stomach rumbled loudly, thankfully unintelligible over the loud music. He should have probably eaten a bit more than a Caesar salad for dinner, but the house elves were so good at making it... more
                      • If you insist - Nick, Tue Feb 14 06:24
                        Armaan had indicated that he was enjoying the party too, which Nick was glad about, but also hadn’t continued the conversation beyond that which made Nick feel a little bit awkward. The blonde... more
    • Not dancing - Dardanius Dubois, Sun Jan 15 15:02
      Rule breaking was not something Dardanius usually condoned. The real exception was whenever Marissa had thrown a party. In the first few cases, Danny had been so eager to fit in with his peers, and... more
      • Dance Interruption - Camilla Baird, Tue Jan 17 21:14
        Parties have never been something Camilla utterly enjoyed or was comfortable in, especially in large groups. The Cetus, however, had agreed to tag along to the party with Elijah after a couple of... more
        • My bad - Dardanius, Thu Jan 19 06:46
          He glanced down at the boots she mentioned, then back up at Camilla. Here was one of the many people in the room showing a lot more skin than Dardanius was himself. He was neither complaining nor... more
          • No biggie - Camilla , Fri Jan 20 12:24
            The blonde smiled patiently at Danny´s comment on her height. Yes, she knew she was tall, and she had never been bothered by it. In fact, she liked it, but sometimes, it made her feel a little bit... more
            • Glad we're getting along - Danny, Sat Jan 21 16:18
              Great, she was laughing and not glaring at him, so Danny relaxed a little. Camilla even threw in her own tall joke, at which Danny ventured a laugh of his own. “Yeah it's not so bad down here,... more
              • We are doing A-Okay - Camilla, Tue Jan 24 23:00
                While waiting for Danny to come back with the drinks, her eyes glanced around her. The music was constantly changing its rhythm and Camilla´s body reacted to the changes in subtle ways. Her foot... more
                • Long may it continue - Danny, Thu Jan 26 14:47
                  Camilla didn’t want to try the punch, and Danny could hardly blame her, but he did feel like he had let her down by getting her a drink she didn’t even want. Also he felt like she was being a bit of... more
                  • Hear! Hear! - Camilla, Sat Jan 28 21:08
                    Danny seemed more at ease at the party than she would ever be. It was logical, really since he was more popular than her. He was more open than her, and she didn't really feel bad about it. The Ceti... more
                    • Exactly - Danny, Tue Jan 31 01:24
                      The water was a hit; Dardanius was relieved, and had a celebratory gulp of his own drink. “Do you guys get together very often?” Camilla asked, and Danny assumed she was talking about Marissa and the ... more
    • Party party? (Reply to Marissa) - Emmett Lawrence, Sat Jan 14 21:59
      He was going to a party thrown by the girl who had unceremoniously dumped him over the summer, dressed in jeans and a “coral” polo shirt, and with a makeup contour that was - loathe as he was to... more
      • It's about time you got here! - Marissa, Sat Jan 14 23:09
        The compliment and the way Emmett was looking for didn’t escape Marissa’s notice. In fact, it made her smile even more. Perhaps it was the bit of firewhiskey she’d already had that night. Her body... more
        • Were you waiting for me? - Emmett, Sun Jan 15 01:57
          She grabbed his hand, and his heart beat faster. Good to know nothing had changed in the last year or so, he supposed, but probably also pretty bad. Marissa still made his stomach pretend it knew how ... more
          • I guess you could say that - Marissa, Sun Jan 15 19:55
            “Of course I invited you!” Marissa didn’t point out, of course, that invitations went out to every student in fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh year. Whatever Emmett was feeling about their summer,... more
            • Scale of 1-10, how off am I? - Emmett, Mon Jan 16 22:39
              She was a little pink, but not like him. Emmett had been growing a steady blush, but his was from the rush of things he felt about her, whereas hers was probably just from dancing. But with her hands ... more
              • I never said you were off! - Marissa, Wed Jan 18 10:32
                Marissa couldn’t help but notice that Emmett’s face was getting a little red, and she wondered if hers was, too. She knew that, under the freckles, she was naturally going to be a little pink from... more
                • Sounds like a solid 0. Nice. - Emmett, Wed Jan 18 21:39
                  She agreed - he wasn’t super sure if that was a good thing or not, overall - and then took off, coming back a moment later with open hands. Well, at least there was no risk now of something getting... more
                  • I never said that! - Marissa, Mon Jan 23 12:24
                    Sometimes, Marissa wished she hadn’t dated Emmett. Maybe the reason he couldn’t get himself to let go and just be himself was because he was younger. She hadn’t thought a year would make much of a... more
                    • #Mixedsignals - Emmett, Mon Jan 23 23:56
                      “What do you want to do next?” It was a good question. Emmett wanted a lot to do a lot of things next, both in terms of dancing and, like, life. As far as the current party situation went, he mostly... more
                      • You're the only one confused here - Marissa, Sat Jan 28 20:17
                        Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was Emmett going back to being the funny nerd she knew, but Marissa was laughing a lot tonight. It was the good kind of laughter. It spread across her freckled... more
    • Just coming to observe - Lucien Dubois, Sat Jan 14 20:26
      Recently-buffed shoes clicking against the floor, Lucien paused to study the entrance of the school's lab. The door was ajar. That wasn't good. Furthermore, the lab was something he considered his... more
      • Yup. Totally just an observation. - Francine Holtz, Sat Jan 14 22:46
        Francine skipped merrily behind Lucien as they checked out the library. It was her favorite place to be after hours, when she wasn’t supposed to be unless she was doing prefect - and now Head Girl -... more
        • Maybe a little participation. - Lucien, Mon Jan 16 00:24
          Having known Francine for most of their shared seven years at RMI, he wasn't caught too off-guard when she literally dragged him into the passages by the hand. This didn't stop him, however, from... more
          • *A lot - Francine, Tue Jan 17 01:11
            She saw his nose wrinkle - God, he’s a cutie - and got the feeling he was judging people, but that wasn’t too surprising. He was from one of those stuffy families, the ones where people had roman... more
            • Only reluctantly - Lucien, Tue Jan 17 21:24
              Lucien followed her over to where the food was. Feeling a little thirsty, he reached for the punch bowl before pausing and pulling his hand back. What were the odds someone had spiked it? It wasn't... more
              • Good, good. That's super convincing. - Francine, Wed Jan 18 20:56
                He seemed hesitant. His initial response, while not even a full sentence, led to negative expectations. Francine did her best to stifle a pout, not wanting to guilt him into something he didn’t want... more
                • I'm good at pretending - Lucien, Fri Jan 20 13:00
                  She was much too excited about dancing, in his opinion, and Lucien had to scramble to put his cup down when she grabbed his hand again. He managed to get it on the edge of the table without spilling... more
                  • We're such good spies! - Francine, Fri Jan 20 21:19
                    Francine liked to be optimistic. It was a better outlook for the present, an eager positivity that made any current situation feel better, and then at least if you got disappointed later, you could... more
                    • Classy ones, too. - Lucien, Mon Jan 23 18:22
                      Francine said she liked his style. Whether she was referencing the dance position he had established for them or something more about himself specifically, he wasn’t clear, but either way it was... more
                      • His confidence was delightful. Sometimes Francine worried about the people around her - if they were really happy, if they felt good about themselves - and that included Lucien, so his almost... more
                        • I'll have to get a nicer suit, then - Lucien, Mon Jan 23 23:43
                          He snorted at her remark of Nick being a better partner - not in a bad way, of course; it was obviously true. When he thought about it, it felt like Nick had been in dance lessons for practically as... more
                          • I think you look wonderful as is. - Francine, Tue Jan 24 00:32
                            Francine giggled with his returned response. Had Lucien always been this funny? If so, she was quite disappointed in herself for wasting six years not picking it up. She wasn’t entirely sure he... more
                            • Having you beside me helps. - Lucien, Tue Jan 24 01:15
                              He’d ducked down to be closer for speaking purposes. Their heights weren’t too far apart, but it was loud in the room, so ducking was a practical move. Something had gone astray, clearly, because now ... more
    • I love a good party - Holland Keene, Sat Jan 14 12:21
      Marissa Kendrick threw the best parties out of anyone in the school, and Holland wasn’t surprised to see a pretty little invitation on their pillow when they got back from Astronomy one evening.... more
      • A good party is what I love best! - Sorsha Nolan, Tue Jan 17 19:01
        Sorsha Nolan was known as a simple creature. It was more than often that her parents had called her disorganized and flighty. Despite this, the girl had an avid sense of personal preservation. It was ... more
        • Couldn’t have said it better myself - Holland, Sat Jan 21 05:01
          Holland straightened up, glad they had bumped into Sorsha and not someone less easygoing. Sorsha was fun, although most of the time she seemed like she had her head in the clouds in a way that had... more
    • Party Captain is here! - Frankie Munro, Sat Jan 14 11:21
      Frankie Munro had heard the word party, and he was there. He had known about the “secret passageways” since his second year. The grey-eyed boy wasn’t even sure why they called them secret anymore... more
      • Woah now how come you're the captain? - Rose Farnon, Sat Jan 14 13:19
        As Marissa’s roommate and number one BFF, Rose had critical jobs important to the party. Jobs like “help arrange snacks” and “help decorate” and “make sure Marissa’s breath doesn’t smell like... more
        • “Hey, fancy seeing you here. Have you had any punch yet? Rose Farnon greeted him. Frankie’s smile didn’t diminish seeing the fifth year. In the few interactions, he had with Rose he always liked her. ... more
          • So what happens if I claim it too? - Rose, Wed Jan 18 13:33
            ”Is it spiked?” Rose shrugged in response. It was Marissa’s party and she knew Marissa had firewhiskey on her, but she wasn’t sure if her roommate had actually gone so far as to spike the punch.... more
            • We'd both be Party Captains! - Frankie, Sat Jan 21 08:11
              Rose had shrugged by his question of the punch being spiked. The seventh year took a mental note to stick to his flask of pumpkin juice. Not knowing what was in it was a sure fire way to keep Frankie ... more
              • Rasnick was for sure a hardass in Defense, Rose agreed with Frankie there. She still took Defense - still liked Defense, but there was no argument about Rasnick. There were the craziest rumors of... more
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