My bad
Thu Jan 19, 2017 06:46

He glanced down at the boots she mentioned, then back up at Camilla. Here was one of the many people in the room showing a lot more skin than Dardanius was himself. He was neither complaining nor rejoicing in the fact, just noticing it. “I am relieved,” he said, because injuring someone, even unintentionally, was not high on his to-do list for the evening. Danny thought he had worked with Camilla a couple of times in class, but they weren’t particularly familiar with each other. He knew a little of her background, and that she had society connections, but his own family, being from New Orleans, didn’t have any reason to interact with hers. Honestly he had never paid her any real attention, as she didn’t do Quidditch and wasn’t in his House, but he did know that she was friends with Elijah, and he had noticed her because she was tall. She was even taller in those boots, and it was more obvious than usual, because he didn’t usually stand this close to her.

“You’re really tall,” he commented, and then laughed. “You know, in case you weren’t aware,” he grinned. Probably not the most original thing that anyone had ever said to her, but it was the first thing that had come to mind. She was a few inches taller than him right now. It was slightly intimidating. He wondered if she was going to go back to dancing, or if now he had inadvertently interrupted her she would stop for a bit. As long as she didn’t ask him to dance then either option would be fine.

“I was just about to grab a drink,” he said, gesturing to the table not far from them. “Shall I get you something?” Chivalry wasn’t dead, at least not where Dardanius was concerned. If Camilla wanted to have a drink with him then it might be pleasant to get to know her a bit better. If not then she could go her own way, he would go his, and he’d find someone else to chat to at the party, instead. He could see that most of fourth year and upwards was in attendance. Danny wasn’t picky about his conversation partner, so just long as he wasn’t left to enjoy the festivities on his own.

  • Dance Interruption - Camilla Baird, Tue Jan 17 21:14
    Parties have never been something Camilla utterly enjoyed or was comfortable in, especially in large groups. The Cetus, however, had agreed to tag along to the party with Elijah after a couple of... more
    • My bad - Dardanius, Thu Jan 19 06:46
      • No biggie - Camilla , Fri Jan 20 12:24
        The blonde smiled patiently at Danny´s comment on her height. Yes, she knew she was tall, and she had never been bothered by it. In fact, she liked it, but sometimes, it made her feel a little bit... more
        • Glad we're getting along - Danny, Sat Jan 21 16:18
          Great, she was laughing and not glaring at him, so Danny relaxed a little. Camilla even threw in her own tall joke, at which Danny ventured a laugh of his own. “Yeah it's not so bad down here,... more
          • We are doing A-Okay - Camilla, Tue Jan 24 23:00
            While waiting for Danny to come back with the drinks, her eyes glanced around her. The music was constantly changing its rhythm and Camilla´s body reacted to the changes in subtle ways. Her foot... more
            • Long may it continue - Danny, Thu Jan 26 14:47
              Camilla didn’t want to try the punch, and Danny could hardly blame her, but he did feel like he had let her down by getting her a drink she didn’t even want. Also he felt like she was being a bit of... more
              • Hear! Hear! - Camilla, Sat Jan 28 21:08
                Danny seemed more at ease at the party than she would ever be. It was logical, really since he was more popular than her. He was more open than her, and she didn't really feel bad about it. The Ceti... more
                • Exactly - Danny, Tue Jan 31 01:24
                  The water was a hit; Dardanius was relieved, and had a celebratory gulp of his own drink. “Do you guys get together very often?” Camilla asked, and Danny assumed she was talking about Marissa and the ... more
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