Armaan Bansal
Or maybe we could do something else.
Thu Jan 19, 2017 20:25

As Armaan observed the party he couldn’t help but notice the number of fourth-years milling about. It was weird to think that next year his younger sister, Rhiya, would be one of them. She was a pain in his ass and annoying as hell, but it was admittedly exciting that she’d finally get to experience the real party scene at the school. She could do with a bit of partying – the girl was way too uptight for her own good. If things went according to plan though, Armaan wouldn’t be around to awkwardly avoid her at parties. Though he hadn’t broached the topic with his mom yet he was making plans to move LA in the summer so that he could work on making it as a musician. He’d figured out his true calling and it didn’t involve staying in school another year. He was pretty confident she’d understand that.

The Aquila took another sip of the punch, enjoying the burning sensation in his stomach. The room was getting pretty crowded, with more people moving to the dance floor as time went by. Armaan wasn’t opposed to dancing, he just needed someone cute to do it with. And for now he figured leaning against the wall was his best bet for finding that someone. He scanned the room, rolling his eyes as he noticed Marissa and Emmett on the dance floor together. As if we haven’t had enough of that drama already. How is dancing with her going to help? Emmett was just confirming he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box. He wasn’t surprised Marissa had dumped him.

Armaan pulled his wand out of his back pocket and used accio to transport a half empty bag of chips to himself. Whoops. Hope this didn’t belong to anyone. As he munched his eyes fell on Holland who was talking to another student, though he couldn’t make out who it was. Armaan gave them a once over, grinning as he remembered their handful of dates from last year. Their outfit was on point today. He’d also made out with Justin Alderman in the secret passageways – perhaps in this very room – right before summer, a fact he still chuckled about every now and then. This year, he was hoping to find someone new to have fun with.

Speaking of which, here was Nick Holtz making his way over to him. Armaan’s stomach flipped. He’d had a small crush on the Draco since half way through his fourth year but hadn’t ever tried acting on it. It had always felt like they ran in different circles, and besides, Nick tended to hang out with Frankie most of the time while Armaan hung out with Ethan, his fellow sixth-year Aquila. Nick was wearing his typical jeans and t-shirt tonight and that worked perfectly fine for Armaan.

“Hey. You’re looking good tonight. What’s the occasion?”

Armaan gave a sly grin and replied, “I heard that cute boys were gonna show up, and it seems they were right,” he said, eyeing the Draco up and down. “I’m talking about myself of course, but you don't look too bad either,” he said, giving a flirtatious wink. He held out his bag of chips toward Nick. “Chip?”

  • I'll just do the same, then - Nick Holtz, Wed Jan 18 10:10
    First party of the school year and Nick Holtz was pretty pumped. On the one hand, he was Head Boy and probably shouldn’t be participating in illicit extracurricular activities. On the other hand, he... more
    • Or maybe we could do something else. - Armaan Bansal, Thu Jan 19 20:25
      • With or without the wall? - NIck, Fri Jan 20 06:50
        Nick would say that he was subtle at flirting, but realistically he didn’t know that because he had run into only a very few opportunities to flirt. Despite Francine’s best machinations, mostly Nick... more
        • Let's trade the wall for the dance floor. - Armaan Bansal, Mon Jan 23 01:50
          Armaan reached into the bag of chips and came away empty handed. He peered into the bag, shook it gently, and with a shrug scrunched it up and aimed it at a nearby trashcan. The bag bounced off the... more
          • Seems like a fair trade to me - Nick, Mon Jan 23 15:13
            Armaan seemed to be just as welcoming of Nick’s flirting as he was of Armaan’s, which Nick appreciated. Nick definitely didn’t have feelings for Armaan - which was just as well, from what he’d heard... more
            • I'll follow your lead - Armaan, Wed Jan 25 13:04
              Armaan followed Nick onto the dance floor, weaving his way around other students. It seemed like the room had become even more crowded since Nick had approached him. The high attendance wasn’t that... more
              • What if I run into that wall? - Nick, Wed Feb 1 17:26
                Armaan answered Nick’s question, but more importantly the other boy moved closer to him and Nick felt himself flush. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable, it was just that he was all of a sudden very... more
                • Armaan’s stomach rumbled loudly, thankfully unintelligible over the loud music. He should have probably eaten a bit more than a Caesar salad for dinner, but the house elves were so good at making it... more
                  • If you insist - Nick, Tue Feb 14 06:24
                    Armaan had indicated that he was enjoying the party too, which Nick was glad about, but also hadn’t continued the conversation beyond that which made Nick feel a little bit awkward. The blonde... more
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