I'm good at pretending
Fri Jan 20, 2017 13:00

She was much too excited about dancing, in his opinion, and Lucien had to scramble to put his cup down when she grabbed his hand again. He managed to get it on the edge of the table without spilling any of it, though, so that was good. Whether or not he would go back for it later remained to be seen; it had been good, but just this pause had brought out a weird aftertaste. Perhaps it was one of those keep drinking or not at all situations. He got a similiar vibe off pumpkin juice in the Diner - pretty good in the act of consumption, but unimpressive once he'd emptied a glass.

Pumpkin was meant to stay in pies.

He let Francine pull him farther into the crowd, where she began dancing around and... well. His face was getting warm, and it almost felt like he shouldn't be looking at her, but looking away meant looking at the other students, some of whom were dancing much more flamboyantly - much more closely - and Lucien soon determined the best course of action was to duck his head. That way, he was looking over the rim of his glasses, where his vision was blurry enough that he could almost pretend proper dancing was happening. Yep, this was safest.

Shuffling his feet to the music, arms hanging stiffly at his sides, Francine's return to seizing his hands was hardly annoying at all this time around, something that relieved him a little instead of just being something to put up with. "I wouldn't say that," Lucien answered honestly. He enjoyed Prefect duty. "But I guess it's more fun being here with you than someone else." Focusing, he could feel the beat in the music as it picked up speed. "Let's do a real dance," he said decisively, finding the swinging of their arms infantile. He didn't really wait for her agreement and just moved to put one hand on her waist, the other extended. A simple two-step seemed about the only thing he could make work to this music.

  • Good, good. That's super convincing. - Francine, Wed Jan 18 20:56
    He seemed hesitant. His initial response, while not even a full sentence, led to negative expectations. Francine did her best to stifle a pout, not wanting to guilt him into something he didn’t want... more
    • I'm good at pretending - Lucien, Fri Jan 20 13:00
      • We're such good spies! - Francine, Fri Jan 20 21:19
        Francine liked to be optimistic. It was a better outlook for the present, an eager positivity that made any current situation feel better, and then at least if you got disappointed later, you could... more
        • Classy ones, too. - Lucien, Mon Jan 23 18:22
          Francine said she liked his style. Whether she was referencing the dance position he had established for them or something more about himself specifically, he wasn’t clear, but either way it was... more
          • His confidence was delightful. Sometimes Francine worried about the people around her - if they were really happy, if they felt good about themselves - and that included Lucien, so his almost... more
            • I'll have to get a nicer suit, then - Lucien, Mon Jan 23 23:43
              He snorted at her remark of Nick being a better partner - not in a bad way, of course; it was obviously true. When he thought about it, it felt like Nick had been in dance lessons for practically as... more
              • I think you look wonderful as is. - Francine, Tue Jan 24 00:32
                Francine giggled with his returned response. Had Lucien always been this funny? If so, she was quite disappointed in herself for wasting six years not picking it up. She wasn’t entirely sure he... more
                • Having you beside me helps. - Lucien, Tue Jan 24 01:15
                  He’d ducked down to be closer for speaking purposes. Their heights weren’t too far apart, but it was loud in the room, so ducking was a practical move. Something had gone astray, clearly, because now ... more
                  • Well, a smile's the greatest accessory. - Francine, Tue Jan 24 18:04
                    It took a moment before he was actually kissing back, which was weird since he had started leaning in first as far as she knew, but maybe it was just the shock of being beaten to the metaphorical... more
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