Couldn’t have said it better myself
Sat Jan 21, 2017 05:01

Holland straightened up, glad they had bumped into Sorsha and not someone less easygoing. Sorsha was fun, although most of the time she seemed like she had her head in the clouds in a way that had nothing to do with an interest in astronomy. Scatterbrained was the word, maybe.

“Mhm, Marissa always does such a good job with these parties. I love your top,” they added, tucking their wand behind their ear. “It’s very shimmery.” Holland and Sorsha talked fashion sometimes and shared makeup, and Rachel occasionally joined them on that too. Perks of being the three oldest people in the Lyra girls’ dorm, especially since there were no girls in their House in Emmett’s year. Lyra had a decent crop of first-years this term, including four girls, but Holland doubted they would interact with the ones who didn’t do Quidditch. As one of the older students they were happy to help younglings in the dorm, but they weren’t going out of their way to spend time with preteens. Holland had always tended to have older friends, which was wonderful until they graduated and left you.

Holland gave the room a quick once-over. Armaan was rocking eyeliner and doing a forced casual cool-guy lean against a wall. They had gone on a few dates with Armaan last year, and there had been some smooching and some slightly-more-intense-than-smooches. Armaan could be a bit of an ass, but Holland liked his style and his music and they’d bonded over Spellwork. Ultimately things had petered out from a mutual lack of interest. They were still friends; unlike some people, Holland and Armaan could handle things with a minimum of drama.

Anyway, Armaan was talking to Nick, who was probably too nice for the Aquila but deserved to be shown a fun time, which Armaan would do. With the two-year age difference they weren’t especially close, but the Lyra got the impression Nick hadn’t had the best of luck with dating. Holland had once heard Nick correct someone who misgendered them and had been extra fond of him ever since.

Most of the attendees were lingering along the shy perimeter, but there were a few pairs dancing. Holland saw Frankie and Rose, Francine and Lucien (surprise, that), and—oh, goodness, Emmett was dancing with Marissa. Oh, Emmett. Not the shiniest star in the constellation, that one.

Well, it wasn’t Holland’s job to save him.

The fifth-year retrieved their cup and refilled it from the punch bowl. It was fruity, with a slight aftertaste Holland didn’t care for. They could try transfiguring the liquid into something else, but it would be a lot of effort for a very minor problem. The punch at least took the heat out of the samosas, and they could switch to one of the canned sodas when they finished this cup.

“Any big plans for the night?” they asked Sorsha. “I figured just mingling, maybe some dancing, but it looks like people are really pairing off.” They nodded to Marissa and Emmett, whose dancing would likely be their fourth-year friend’s preferred topic for the next two weeks. She’d better not get his hopes up.

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    • Couldn’t have said it better myself - Holland, Sat Jan 21 05:01
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