Stella E.M. Ramiro
Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.
Thu Jan 12, 2017 15:06

Stella walked up to the portrait of an old man in the Administrative Quarters, who seemed to be asleep. She curiously poked the painting to see if there were any buttons or secret switches to pull, but to her amazement her finger phased through the wall.

She tried her entire arm next, and it too phased through the wall. Slowly, she put her entire body through the portrait and discovered herself to be in an entirely different room. She smiled mischievously, seeing a familiar silhouette at the very end of the tunnel. The hunt was on.

She didn't have a flashlight, not that she'd think it would work anyway, and wasn't aware of any light spells yet, so her best bet was to follow the creature. Not keeping her eyes off the figure, she waited until her eyes adjusted to the darkness and touched the wall to make note of how many turns she'd made. So far she'd done two lefts and a single right. All around her cobwebs were spread out, on the floor as well as on the ceiling, and she swore she had felt a thing or two run or crawl over her feet. She giggled giddily to herself. This was easily one of the most exciting things that she had done in her life, period.

Before she could properly enjoy it, she had to know who or what the creature was and where was she exactly. It didn't seem anybody used this hallway, at least not for some time. What was it's purpose? In all of her curiosity, she hadn't realized that she suddenly heard steps behind her. She turned quickly for a minute and rolled her eyes and scowled. She whispered. "What now?!"

    • Seekers of Strange Sights Haunt Horrors - Hunter Ioma, Thu Jan 12 21:29
      Hunter darted through the door to the hallway just behind the girl, slipping around her as she closed the door behind them. She seemed every bit as excited to be chasing a skittering shadow ghost as... more
      • The boy mumbled something about "buttered toast" before running ahead of her and making some of the loudest steps she'd ever heard. She gave something of a growl mixed with a scowl and ran to catch... more
        • Carried Away with... Horror? - Hunter Ioma, Sat Jan 14 15:49
          Hunter blinked slowly a couple of times as the raspberry hit him full in the face. The poltergeist didnít seem the sort to actually want to tattle on themÖ he probably just wanted to see what he... more
          • Horrified by Ingenuity! - Stella E.M. Ramiro, Tue Jan 17 17:06
            The boy introduced himself as Hunter, and Stella very vaguely remembered hearing his name at one point during orientation. She shook her head as she spoke, which was in a very huffy tone. "Hahahaha,... more
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