We'd both be Party Captains!
Sat Jan 21, 2017 08:11

Rose had shrugged by his question of the punch being spiked. The seventh year took a mental note to stick to his flask of pumpkin juice. Not knowing what was in it was a sure fire way to keep Frankie from drinking it. The blonde said something about Marissa having firewhiskey, but he really wasn’t sure who that was and didn’t want to ask.

As Rose spoke about her week, Frankie realised the music was switching from the quick pop music they had been dancing to, to a slow song. Not caring much he was enjoying the conversation with the younger girl, he took her arm and placed the other on her hip and drew her close. He grinned hoping his smile was enough to get her to forgive him for intruding.

“I’m only taking Cultural Studies, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Divinations and Cult Studies is pretty easy, Rasnick is a hardass in DADA but I like her, and Divinations is because they wouldn’t let me only talk two classes. I mean I’m only here because I’m not seventeen yet and my Dad wouldn’t let me try out for the National team like he did in his sixth year.”

Frankie liked slow dancing he was good at it and was glad Rose seemed not to mind Frankie's touch. The seventh year glanced around and saw Nick close to Armaan. He frowned for a second Nick had mentioned Armaan at the opening feast, and now there he was too close for just a friendly chat. Frankie’s mouth went dry; he couldn’t speak for a second but then he thought two could play at that game he pulled Rose a bit closer and smiled again.

“So any particular person you are into that I can help make jealous tonight?” He used person because it seemed like everyone at RMI had a crush on Holland. Everyone but Frankie and probably Nick that was.

  • So what happens if I claim it too? - Rose, Wed Jan 18 13:33
    ”Is it spiked?” Rose shrugged in response. It was Marissa’s party and she knew Marissa had firewhiskey on her, but she wasn’t sure if her roommate had actually gone so far as to spike the punch.... more
    • We'd both be Party Captains! - Frankie, Sat Jan 21 08:11
      • Rasnick was for sure a hardass in Defense, Rose agreed with Frankie there. She still took Defense - still liked Defense, but there was no argument about Rasnick. There were the craziest rumors of... more
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