Glad we're getting along
Sat Jan 21, 2017 16:18

Great, she was laughing and not glaring at him, so Danny relaxed a little. Camilla even threw in her own tall joke, at which Danny ventured a laugh of his own. “Yeah it's not so bad down here, either,” he grinned. He was a bit shorter than average for his age, but he was convinced he was due a growth spurt any day soon. He had experienced a couple of years of being taller than average when he was younger; apparently his height increase was sporadic.

Camilla accepted his offer of a drink, and she was polite about it, too, so the smile he flashed was genuine. “I’ll be right back,” he assured her and went to the snack table nearest to them. There was a bowl of punch on it, and Danny had noticed a couple of other people take drinks from there already. He poured out a cupful each for Camilla and for himself, licked the inevitable drips off his fingertips, and carried them both over to where he had been standing moments earlier.

“Okay, so I went for the punch,” he warned her whilst offering the cup with fewer drips down its side. “I sincerely apologise if someone has had the audacity to add an extra ingredient, and rest assured I won't be offended if you decide not to drink it after all,” he quipped in good humour. His own parents occasionally allowed him to have a small sample of wine with his meal on appropriate occasions, but he realised that individual opinions on alcohol consumption varies greatly. “Are you brave enough?” Danny joked. Then he held up his own drink as if in toast before raising it to his lips and taking a sip. It didn't taste too bad. He couldn't even tell if alcohol had been added or if the fruity taste just had sour overtones. Either way it was drinkable, so he took another swig.

“Do you go to many parties like this?” Danny asked conversationally, gesturing with his free hand to encompass the space around them, the food, music and guests. He spared a moment to identify a couple of people he knew, and didn't quite restrain himself from rolling his eyes at seeing Emmett dancing with Marissa. Apparently the kid would never learn.

  • No biggie - Camilla , Fri Jan 20 12:24
    The blonde smiled patiently at Danny´s comment on her height. Yes, she knew she was tall, and she had never been bothered by it. In fact, she liked it, but sometimes, it made her feel a little bit... more
    • Glad we're getting along - Danny, Sat Jan 21 16:18
      • We are doing A-Okay - Camilla, Tue Jan 24 23:00
        While waiting for Danny to come back with the drinks, her eyes glanced around her. The music was constantly changing its rhythm and Camilla´s body reacted to the changes in subtle ways. Her foot... more
        • Long may it continue - Danny, Thu Jan 26 14:47
          Camilla didn’t want to try the punch, and Danny could hardly blame her, but he did feel like he had let her down by getting her a drink she didn’t even want. Also he felt like she was being a bit of... more
          • Hear! Hear! - Camilla, Sat Jan 28 21:08
            Danny seemed more at ease at the party than she would ever be. It was logical, really since he was more popular than her. He was more open than her, and she didn't really feel bad about it. The Ceti... more
            • Exactly - Danny, Tue Jan 31 01:24
              The water was a hit; Dardanius was relieved, and had a celebratory gulp of his own drink. “Do you guys get together very often?” Camilla asked, and Danny assumed she was talking about Marissa and the ... more
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