I never said that!
Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:24

Sometimes, Marissa wished she hadn’t dated Emmett.

Maybe the reason he couldn’t get himself to let go and just be himself was because he was younger. She hadn’t thought a year would make much of a difference. Rose did, which was why the red head had been unsuccessful in convincing her best friend to be a quick rebound for Emmett. Marissa didn’t get charmed very often, and it wasn’t this trying-too-hard Emmett who had succeeded. It was the nice, kinda dorky, easy to have fun with Emmett that managed to woo her into agreeing to try out an Actual Relationship.

She’d heard enough of the gossip to know that Emmett was way more hurt with the breakup than Marissa had ever intended. That didn’t mean it was her job to fix it, but she cared enough about the fourth year to want to attempt to help.

“So, what moves when, and how, and also where?”

Marissa made a noise halfway between a teasing groan and a laugh. “That’s what I’m talking about!” She said over the music. She pulled away from Emmett enough so they were still dancing together, but she held his hands instead. “There isn’t any choreography. It’s just the music, the dance floor, and whatever your brain says you should do next.” As if demonstrating, Marissa let go of one of his hands so she could spin, then came back to him.

“It’s the ultimate act in not thinking. Yeah, sure, not trying so hard is easier said than done, but that applies to, like, anything,” she squeezed his hands, “So practice. Don’t try so hard. What do you want to do next?”

  • Sounds like a solid 0. Nice. - Emmett, Wed Jan 18 21:39
    She agreed - he wasn’t super sure if that was a good thing or not, overall - and then took off, coming back a moment later with open hands. Well, at least there was no risk now of something getting... more
    • I never said that! - Marissa, Mon Jan 23 12:24
      • #Mixedsignals - Emmett, Mon Jan 23 23:56
        “What do you want to do next?” It was a good question. Emmett wanted a lot to do a lot of things next, both in terms of dancing and, like, life. As far as the current party situation went, he mostly... more
        • You're the only one confused here - Marissa, Sat Jan 28 20:17
          Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was Emmett going back to being the funny nerd she knew, but Marissa was laughing a lot tonight. It was the good kind of laughter. It spread across her freckled... more
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