I'll have to get a nicer suit, then
Mon Jan 23, 2017 23:43

He snorted at her remark of Nick being a better partner - not in a bad way, of course; it was obviously true. When he thought about it, it felt like Nick had been in dance lessons for practically as long as they’d been roommates. But the image Francine had put in his head was him dancing with Nick, and there was no way that was happening, hence the snort. Lucien had entirely gotten over his discomfort in earlier years about Nick being gay, but that didn’t mean he was about to start swinging that way too. He had no interest in dancing, or doing anything else, with anyone other than women.

Dancing with Francine was going pretty well, he thought. His head spun a bit when she twirled, but he shook it off easily, grinning back at her. He still didn’t want to be at this party, but this part of it wasn't so bad. “Marvelous? Divine? You flatterer. It takes a good learner to make a good teacher, you know,” he pointed out, turning them as he spoke such that they were following along the wall of the room. “Alas, dancing forever would get in the way of our studies,” Lucien continued, his sarcasm deadpan as usual. “But let’s pick up the steps again and see where we go. Maybe a career change is in order.”

As they kept moving, he took stock of some of the other partygoers. He was surprised (but not really) to see that the majority of the upper years, including more than a few other Prefects, were also here. The sight snapped him back to reality, or at least a slightly ear-pounding musical version of it. They were still on duty tonight, and although he wouldn’t be too opposed at this point to adding another dance to his promised ‘one song’, they’d probably been here long enough already. When the song kicked into a guitar solo, he took the chance to spin Francine again, faster this time. Over her shoulder, he spotted Ethan Addams making a loop past the punch bowl and his brown eyes narrowed slightly. “We might have to break our cover,” he remarked, belatedly realizing she might not have heard him over the music. Pulling her in more firmly after the spin, Lucien ducked his head to point it out to her.

  • His confidence was delightful. Sometimes Francine worried about the people around her - if they were really happy, if they felt good about themselves - and that included Lucien, so his almost... more
    • I'll have to get a nicer suit, then - Lucien, Mon Jan 23 23:43
      • I think you look wonderful as is. - Francine, Tue Jan 24 00:32
        Francine giggled with his returned response. Had Lucien always been this funny? If so, she was quite disappointed in herself for wasting six years not picking it up. She wasn’t entirely sure he... more
        • Having you beside me helps. - Lucien, Tue Jan 24 01:15
          He’d ducked down to be closer for speaking purposes. Their heights weren’t too far apart, but it was loud in the room, so ducking was a practical move. Something had gone astray, clearly, because now ... more
          • Well, a smile's the greatest accessory. - Francine, Tue Jan 24 18:04
            It took a moment before he was actually kissing back, which was weird since he had started leaning in first as far as she knew, but maybe it was just the shock of being beaten to the metaphorical... more
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