Mon Jan 23, 2017 23:56

“What do you want to do next?”

It was a good question. Emmett wanted a lot to do a lot of things next, both in terms of dancing and, like, life. As far as the current party situation went, he mostly just wanted to melt into a puddle of living goop and then slowly and subtly ooze out of the passageways and back to his room. It was easier that way, to just go hide and not have to figure out how to dance and how to be friends with this wonderful girl now assigned “ex”.

But admittedly, he was also kind of having fun. Like a weird, hard fun. Because Marissa was so naturally fun and cool and interesting and care free. Maybe Emmett liked her so much because he wanted to be like that. He wanted to be naturally, well, anything. But he wasn’t. He was just Emmett.

Her question, when applied more to bigger things and less to dancing, was a good opportunity to kiss her. But he didn’t. He wouldn’t. The blond knew Marissa didn’t want that, and it wouldn’t get him anywhere. It would just ruin that weird, hard fun they were managing to have even though he was being a dork.

Emmett took a deep breath. “Well… I don’t know,” he said. He looked down at his hands, at their hands. And he smiled. And he wiggled. Possibly the dumbest wiggle ever, like a weakass bernie. The Lyra laughed at himself. “This is dumb,” he grinned. “So the options instead are we could spin around a la ring around the rosy, or I could dip you. Or, for bonus points, you could dip me.”

  • I never said that! - Marissa, Mon Jan 23 12:24
    Sometimes, Marissa wished she hadn’t dated Emmett. Maybe the reason he couldn’t get himself to let go and just be himself was because he was younger. She hadn’t thought a year would make much of a... more
    • #Mixedsignals - Emmett, Mon Jan 23 23:56
      • You're the only one confused here - Marissa, Sat Jan 28 20:17
        Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was Emmett going back to being the funny nerd she knew, but Marissa was laughing a lot tonight. It was the good kind of laughter. It spread across her freckled... more
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