Hunter Ioma
Seekers of Strange Sights Haunt Horrors
Thu Jan 12, 2017 21:29

Hunter darted through the door to the hallway just behind the girl, slipping around her as she closed the door behind them. She seemed every bit as excited to be chasing a skittering shadow ghost as he, and without breaking out into a total run he had trouble keeping up with her. He lost sight of the skittering shadow almost immediately, but managed to keep her in sight until she walked through the wall.

Hunter skidded to a stop.

He was pretty sure he had seen the girl walk right through this wall, but it was dark and the guy had said specifically not to get caught so… he decided not to run straight at the wall at full speed, just in case. It would have been a fun experiment but if he was wrong also potentially a loud one. Instead, he ran his hand along the side of the painting. Or tried to. He didn’t feel anything and his fingers disappeared.

Hunter grinned and flung himself at the wall head first.

It was even darker on the other side, but he could hear footsteps ahead. Running to catch up, bare feet slapping against the stone floor, his arms out to fend off walls as they came at him, he successfully made several turns before he practically ran into the tall girl from earlier. "What now?!" she whispered crossly.

Hunter couldn’t actually see her face in the dark and so she probably couldn’t see his either but nevertheless he fixed her with his best “what do you mean, what now?” stare for about one second before whispering back “The. Skitter. Ghost.” and dashing around her to run further down the passage.

Rounding the next corner he was met with a searing flash that suddenly lit the corridor. Had he been facing forward instead of awkwardly rebounding off the wall the sudden light on his night-adapted eyes would probably have been more blinding than the dark. As it was, he was left blinking with his hand between his face and the light source. He could just make out a pair of curled-toe slippers floating at just about his eye level.

“First years? Out of bed at this hour? Somebody’s in trouuuuuble!” Came a singsong voice from the light.

“Skitter ghost?” inquired Hunter.

A pale face with golden, shifty looking eyes suddenly put itself right up to Hunter’s. “I’m no ghost! I’m a poltergeist, thankyouverymuch!” said the face before blowing an exceptionally loud and wet raspberry.

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